Stupidocrisy: It’s like riding a bike

Some things you just never forget—like how to ride a bike. Unless, of course, you are Joe Biden. Biden was out saving fossil fuel consumption and reducing his carbon footprint with a bike ride. He stopped to greet some people and took a hard fall to the pavement—similar to his job approval ratings which Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking shows that 59% of Americans disapprove. Said he got his foot caught. Kind of like he does on a regular basis only this time it was on his bike pedal. The video looks like he forgot to put his foot down when he stopped. The media and the White House downplayed the incident much like they do when he trips and falls going up the tarmac platform to Air Force One.

Maybe it’s not fair to make fun of the President, but all this forgetting and tripping and falling seems very symbolic to Biden’s time in office, which is a failure at hyper-speed on behalf of every American citizen. We are paying record high prices for gasoline—something that Biden says is a good thing because it will make us buy electric cars. Well, food prices are also at the highest we’ve seen since Jimmy “Crater” Carter 40 years ago, another president whose policies tanked the US economy, caused gas lines, nearly bankrupted the farming industry, and put a big hurt on the people who elected him. Do you see the pattern? Like Carter, Biden sees no end to the inflation and tells us we just have to ride it out.

Most of us would say that it’s downright stupid to force gas prices to such a level that it is putting people in poverty just to drive to work. Most people think it stupid to purposely cause every needed consumer good, such as food, to be something that the elite can only afford. Most people would wonder about the sanity of a person who puts illegals ahead of citizens. Most people might question why law-abiding citizens have their rights to self-defense and personal property taken away when criminals are allowed to shoot, burn and pillage at will. Most people have enough common sense to not want their children indoctrinated with confusing sexual perversion and groomed for child predators. But then again, most people remember how to ride a bike.

When you look at the big picture, Biden and his band of World Economic Forum corporations, media and government hacks are not stupid. They are intentionally forcing an anti-American, anti-Liberty agenda down our throats. Who locks down and quarantine’s healthy people? Who ends drilling rights, pipelines and oil production, then blames shortages and high prices on the producers? Who promotes behavior that increases violent crime, then makes the law-abiding pay for it? Who does all this crazy stuff and when people criticize it, hides behind the censorship of private sector corporations and media? 2 John 7 says “For many deceivers are entered into the world” and we know they never forgot how to ride their bikes. Let’s guard our hearts from being taken in by them, otherwise it would be…say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson