Americans paying dearly for Biden Admin profiteering

The Biden Administration is doubling down on its policy to force Americans to buy expensive electric or hybrid cars despite the technology being unaffordable to most. Meantime, all of America is suffering from high fuel prices and the resulting hyperinflation on food and consumer goods. Joe Biden has tirelessly worked since his first day in office to make good his campaign pledge to a climate activist in New Hampshire on Sept. 6, 2019, “I guarantee you we are going to end fossil fuel and I am not going to cooperate with them, OK?” Biden stopped the Keystone pipeline, rejoined the Paris Climate Accord making fuel production more costly because of unnecessary regulations, and cut back on oil and gas leases.

In a June 14 letter to oil company executives, Biden blamed oil companies for price gouging Americans during time of war. Biden claimed that oil company profits have tripled since he took office. He showed a chart that indicated refining prices and profit margins sharply increasing since he took office. Then Biden said in his letter, “There is no question that Vladimir Putin is principally responsible for the intense financial pain the American people and their families are bearing.” He also blamed the COVID pandemic. And then he demanded that oil refiners increase their production. Kind of hard to do when he has limited the drilling of oil to refine. This letter appears to be a rabbit trail to divert America’s attention from Biden’s real goal of pushing fuel prices higher to force Americans to buy electric cars.

 It has been his plan all along to end fuel production. In a 2020 Democratic Party primary debate on CNN, Biden said, “No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period. It ends.”On May 24 during a press conference in Japan, Biden said: “[When] it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.” On June 10, Biden’s special envoy for Climate Change John Kerry said there’s no need to drill for more oil and implied that anybody who disagrees should be censored, “We have to prevent a false narrative from entering into this.”

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said higher gas prices were a compelling case for buying electric cars, “If you filled up your EV (electric vehicle) and you filled up your gas tank with gasoline, you would save $60 per fill-up by going electric rather than using gasoline but it’s a very compelling case.” Granholm also admitted that she had recently served as director of an electric car company and held millions in the firm’s stock. See how this works? Kerry makes millions on his false climate change narrative. Granholm makes millions on electric cars. Biden’s family makes millions on energy deals with Ukraine and China. And you and I pay dearly for their profiteering. And we are censored if we complain about it. Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” Can it be any clearer than that?


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Bill Wilson