Policy-created food crisis

With fuel prices soaring beyond record highs and disruptions in fertilizer and other supplies because of the Russian war against Ukraine, food is going to become even more costly and scarce. The Biden Administration has been and likely will continue to be inept at handling the ripple effect of its reckless energy policy, the supply chain disruptions from the mishandling of COVID, and the international impact of the Russian invasion. All this could top off a perfect storm where energy policy, fueled by radical politics, forces food price inflation, AND the aftermath of war in Europe’s breadbasket creates a global food crisis. Christians need to gird themselves for a very rough time ahead. Here’s why.

Russia and Ukraine produce about 30% of the world’s foodstuffs. Wheat is a good indicator of food availability as other crops face similar challenges. The Foreign Agriculture Service of the US Department of Agriculture reports as of May 17 that Ukraine wheat production for 2022/23 is forecast at 21.5 million metric tons, down 35 percent from last year, and down 23 percent from the 5-year average. Russian wheat production is forecast 6% higher than the previous year, while China’s wheat production is estimated to be 1% lower. Canada’s wheat production is forecast to increase 30%. The US exports a little over 20% of its agricultural production with Canada as its biggest customer. Europe and Africa will likely be the hardest hit in this foodstuff disruption caused by Vladimir Putin.

America will suffer from a huge jump in food prices and perhaps some shortages in imported foodstuffs such as sweeteners, fruits and nuts. Already there is about a 30% food price increase because of higher fuel prices—mainly brought on by the Biden Administration’s policy commitment to green energy. This increases both food production and transportation costs. Fertilizer costs, according to the World Bank, were up 66% in 2021 with prices to sharply increase in 2022, driven by higher energy costs—again Biden’s energy policy here in the US. USDA says that American’s generally spend about 12% of their budgets on food. That is rising fast. USDA projects a family of four on a thrifty food plan will pay $917 in May for groceries, compared with $594 in May last year. This will get worse as energy policy continues to force fuel prices higher.

This food crisis is provoked by the Russian war and the Biden Administration’s energy policy. America’s farmers are able to produce enough food to feed America and much of the rest of the world. And, NO, they are not being forced to destroy their crops. This isn’t a food supply issue. It is an input pricing issue forced by the lunatic climate change/green energy extremists in the Democratic Party leadership. Unfortunately, it is already taking a toll on the less fortunate around the world, especially in places lie rural Africa, causing hunger and starvation. Christ said in Matthew 24:7-8, that nations will rise against nations and there will be famines and pestilences, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.” We may be in that time. Prepare ahead. Figure out how to grow a garden. Budget appropriately. Vocalize your dissent. And don’t forget those in need.

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Bill Wilson