Stupidocrisy: The inflation debate

Democrats, and the Biden Administration in particular, are running hard for the November mid-term elections—that is, running hard away from the policies that have destroyed a perfectly robust American economy. Their policies have produced record gasoline prices. The cost of living for some people in this country has become unbearable. One nearly needs a loan from the bank to fill up their car and get a week’s worth of groceries. Yet White House Council of Economic Advisors Chair Cecilia Rouse told CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday that inflation “has been the consequence of mounting an effective response to the pandemic.” What? If this is effective, maybe there is beachfront property for sale in Arizona.

Rouse said, “Because while we supported households and businesses, got shots into arms, which allowed people to start to come out of their homes and regain their lives, our supply chains could not support that demand. So, this is — we are not alone. All advanced countries are addressing…this. So, this is a consequence of having an effective strategy against the pandemic.” She earlier said that the higher gasoline prices were due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She juked a question about government spending causing inflation. Both Rouse and the CNN reporter neglected to mention that under Donald Trump, the economy was beginning to recover. Ongoing business lockdowns disrupt supply chains. Democrats ignore this.

Biden, in a speech Tuesday, also said that the two leading causes of inflation were Russia and the supply chain disruption of the pandemic. He blamed inflation on everything but his policies. Remember his very first day in office, Biden placed a stop work order on the keystone pipeline and then he stopped drilling on public lands. On January 18, 2021 just before Joe Biden took office, the national average price of gasoline at the pump was $2.464 per gallon. On March 1, 2021 it was $2.796, an increase of 33 cents per gallon in only 40 days. Now it’s $4.279. Let’s remember the COVID mandates in Democrat-run cities that caused a record backlog of supply ships waiting to be unloaded—that’s policy, not pandemic.

Biden, in the same speech also struck a delusional chord. He began by saying, “And as I see it, everything—everything– across the country is–as I go across the country, our economy has gone from being on the mend to on the move.” I don’t know what country Biden is seeing, but people are hurting and his solution is to blame everything on Russia and the pandemic instead of fixing the stupidity he and his cronies created.  Proverbs 18:2 says, “A fool has no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.” Biden’s policies on oil and COVID caused this inflation. It should be no debate. Every time government spending is out of control and leftists seek to stop the use of oil with no viable replacement, inflation happens. But as Proverbs says, a fool has no delight in understanding. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson