Bringing Hope to the Hopeless: The Testimonies

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the lives of many individuals, families, households and whole communities have been seriously devastated worldwide. In Ghana, the story is not any different. Many vulnerable people, underserved communities, needy families and downtrodden children have felt the impact more than anyone else. Government, churches, organizations and many individuals did their best to help feed the hungry, but their best inputs were limited to urban areas. It looked like it was our ministry alone that went to the rescue of the poorest of the poor in rural areas, where hope seems to be a distant dream!

Stories reaching us from the rural areas were disturbing and concerning. Whole families, including parents and their children, were without food! All because of the lockdown, safety protocols and sudden loss of income! Many parents just didn’t know what to do! Testimonies kept pouring in as we rushed to the aid of the hungry, with hot meals and raw food assistance that lasted one to two weeks at a time, per family. Some of the testimonies underscored the fact, that had it not been for our food distribution programs, many would have found life unbearable! Our interventions saved lives, brought hope to the hopeless, spread the love of God and led some to Christ! Praise be to God!!!

Even as we file this report, the situation has gotten worse, owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Prices of goods and services have rocketed sky high, way beyond the reach of the vulnerable! Several parents require help, and our ministry can only serve a handful, with the little that we have. Below is a compilation of a few of the major testimonies we have received from our volunteers, as given by beneficiaries, to underscore our point:

  • “A family of 6 children received their food aid and the children decided to keep the package alone without sharing with their mum. This led to a fight over the meals. Mum claims she deals in small scale business but the expenses for the kids always drain her pocket and that renders her always in need. She thanked God for the support of the ministry in feeding her family.” –Christiana, Volunteer.
  • We gave Awenya a package of foodstuff and she said, “I am above 60 years but never had money to buy all these items at a goal and don’t think I will ever be able to buy all these items”. She stated that even her church she has been attending “has never given her any items like these before as a widow.” –Enoch, Volunteer
  • “Madam Akweley has 3 children and is a single parent. She claimed life has been difficult for them. She did not know where the next meal will come from but the ministry came right to her door step with a package and she was grateful.” –Christiana, Volunteer
  • Testimony of Awenya Mamle, a beneficiary. She said, “I went to the market for some few foodstuffs, but I couldn’t buy anything and have to come home empty due to the high cost of items. I was worried and thinking of how I would feed my children and here you are, God has shown me kindness, thank you and God bless you and your team.” –Enoch, Volunteer.
  • Odartey suffers from stroke. He shed tears after receiving his package. He said nobody cares about him. He is grateful that at least the ministry cares.” –Christiana, Volunteer
  • “Doreen, a beneficiary, wasn’t having anything on her and was worried, thinking of what she and her children will eat and we came to give them a package.” In her own words when she opened the package, she said ‘it was like everything was in it, I just needed fire and my cooking utensils and I can have food to eat. God bless you people so much’, she said this with tears of joy.” –Enoch, Volunteer

The Psalmist says in Psalm 43:5-6a that: “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God” Blessed be the name of the Lord for using us, especially our donors and volunteers, to save lives one at a time, and renew hope in many, bringing scripture to life!

Bill Wilson