Stupidocrisy: Plastic gun ban

We have a lunatic Russian toting around a satchel with the nuke code when he’s visiting nursing homes to recruit reinforcements for his attack on civilians in Ukraine, and Joe Biden is signing an executive order to ban plastic guns. You got Biden willing to hand Iran nuclear weapons on a platter—and pay them for it—but he’s banning plastic guns to stop the gun violence crisis. We have, in one of the strictest gun law states and cities in America, Chicago, where gun crime and shootings occur by the dozens every day, and Biden is focused on banning plastic guns. Totally true. You can’t make this stuff up. Would somebody pull this guy aside and tell him that plastic guns are not the problem?

Every big city in the nation is having a crime problem. But what have these cities done? In many cases they have defunded the police, tied the hands of law enforcement and, yes, essentially banned guns. Washington, DC. Chicago. New York City. Baltimore. Minneapolis. Detroit. Boston. Los Angeles. St. Louis. San Francisco. You name a big city in these states run by big time Democrats and you are going to see how well banning guns works. These places have the strictest gun laws and have the most crime committed using guns. Year after year, these liberals like Joe Biden try to convince the American public that the problem is not the criminal, but the gun the criminal uses.

Joe, Joe, Joe…can’t you see that plastic guns are about the least of our worries? Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out a way to lower our gas prices at the pump? Or stop this inflation that we haven’t seen the likes of since your buddy Jimmy Carter? Or how about stopping the sexual deviant predators from grooming our children in public schools? Oh, here’s one for you—can you do something about border security? There seems to be more crime being committed by illegals who are responsible for murders, rapes, human trafficking and drug peddling than there is crime by plastic guns. You got WWIII hanging over your shoulder and a rogue Russian threatening people with nuclear destruction and you are worried about plastic guns? Really?

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 20,885 gun violence deaths in 2021, not counting suicide. It is estimated that some 81 million Americans own guns (this is probably a low figure). Think about it, about a third of Americans own guns and there were roughly 21,000 gun violence deaths last year, and homicides using plastic guns (ghost guns) are not even a statistic. You have a higher chance of dying from government-mandated COVID treatments than from someone shooting you. Yet with all these problems we have in this country, Joe Biden focuses on plastic guns. Americans are having an Achish, king of Gath, in 1 Samuel 21:15 moment: “Have I need of mad men the you have brought this fellow to behave insane in my presence?” No we don’t. But we’ve got him anyway. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson