Of dissent, fruits and truth

The American ideal of democracy, a Constitutional Republic, is undergirded by moral people and freedom to dissent. When it comes to government control of healthcare, the people are strongly discouraged to dissent for fear of retribution for life sustaining treatment. The result of socialist healthcare is exemplified by the COVID crisis where government dictated the protocols, the treatment, the lockdowns, the mandates, patient rights, the rights of healthy people, and the campaign against scientific and experiential dissent. As a result, there is no doubt that the death toll is far higher than it would have been if doctors and healthcare workers were allowed to follow their training to combat COVID.

A recent example is telltale. The Biden Administration has banned the use of monoclonal antibodies such as sotrovimab for treatment of COVID variants. The narrative is that these treatments are not successful or effective. The official recommendation—or quite frankly, the mandated treatment—is remdesivir and ventilators. The New England Medical Journal reports that remdesivir was discontinued for treating Ebola because over 50% of the patients died. A National Library of Medicine report on 69 studies of 57,000 patients documented a 45-84% age-related mortality rate for ventilator treatment. This “science” is ignored by the CDC. Someday remdesivir and ventilators may be regarded similar as bleeding with leeches.

Government bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci have no business dictating treatments over the good judgment of doctors on the frontlines. Yet, if hospitals, and in turn, doctors, want to get paid, they have to tow the government line. Whenever government is involved beyond national defense, the outcome is likely political policy conflicting with real life. Another example is the LGBTQ+ sexual grooming of children under the guise of bullying and how schools are coerced to allow this blatant child abuse and pedophilia in order to keep their federal funding. Freedom and independence is best served with the least amount of government interference. This is what the brilliant Founding Fathers understood. These days, we have been conditioned to accept administrative enforcement over common sense freedom.

When the Constitutional right of peaceful dissent is met with hostility, it could well be considered an act of war against the dissenters. When one considers the level of vitriol, censorship, strong-armed banning of life saving medical treatment, lack of border security, policy-induced food and fuel inflation, financial blackmail over objections to school policies, what are fair-minded people to discern about their government? When government and its powerful corporate and media lapdogs go to great lengths to quell dissent of their agendas, what are fair-minded, law-abiding people to do? Suspend your disbelief and recognize the truth of the matter. As Christ said in Matthew 7:16, “You shall know them by their fruits.” The next step is to act, armed with the truth.

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Bill Wilson