The antidote for lies

For way over a decade Americans have been lied to and forced to accept untruthful agendas or face censorship, bullying, demonization and other forms of social exclusion. This has conditioned the mind, plied the people into a sense of tension, and it also has caused people to shrink back because they feel that anything they say can be used against them, or that nothing will be done to fix the problems anyway. A sense of hopelessness, a form of oppression. Citizen rights have been eroded. And even many of those who might have the sense of righteousness to stand up and fight are lulled to inaction by their belief in crazy conspiracy theories that someone else has it all under control and the nightmare will soon be righted.

Think about what has happened recently. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were found in violation of the Federal Election Commission for their laundering campaign money to conjure up a false accusation of Russian collusion against presidential candidate Donald Trump. A sitting president, Barack Obama, used this falsified information to convince a secret court to allow the Democrats to spy on Trump’s campaign. All the while, the news media was declaring Trump guilty, and all who defended him were demonized. Now, after tens of millions were spent on investigations and court hearings, it turns out that it was all a lie. Hillary gets a slap on the wrist. No trial. No sentence.

Another example is Hunter Biden’s laptop and the involvement of his father in collecting millions from Chinese Communists, Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian interests, compromising the entire presidency. The news media, the CIA, and others said it was a Russian hoax. They censored and demonized anyone who dare say otherwise. Another example is COVID. For the first time in history, government powers quarantined healthy people, mandated behaviors, dictated deadly treatments, and coerced and mandated experimental vaccines. Those in opposition, especially to the “safe and effective” propaganda, backed by myriads of scientific studies and experiential success, were censored, demeaned, lost jobs, were refused services. We are bombarded everyday with lies from news, Hollywood, even religious leaders.

Lies have been perpetrated even to convince people that a historically ruthless, warring religion that practices terrorism is a “religion of peace.” If you disagree, you have a phobia. Or that adults talking to minors about sexual deviancy. We used to call that pedophilia. Now it’s a school teacher. If you disagree, you have a phobia. People, you are losing your freedom to lies and to the force of liars. Christ said in John 8:31-32, “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If you continue in my word, then you are my disciples indeed;And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This is how you discern the truth: by continuing in the Word of God. Seek the truth, discern the truth, and speak the truth every day to those around you. Only the truth. This is how you fight back. The truth is the antidote to lies. Use it abundantly.

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Bill Wilson