The War Within

America doesn’t need Joe Biden creating a war with misspoken words, the Constitutional Republic of the United States already is at war. It is a war unlike any faced before in history. This is a war where the intent is to create enough casualties to take over the economic wealth without destroying the wealth generating power and by establishing collectivism. This is accomplished by population reduction and control of the remaining populace. The perfect facilitator was Obama’s socialized medicine where government dictates the ebb and flow of life and death through 1) control of the treatment protocols, 2) leverage over the healthcare providers, and 3) control of the population through fear of death.  It is a war within.

The perfect collaborators are unethical and cooperative corporations motivated by greed and a corporate media to fearmonger, censor dissent, and create social disruption motivated by a socialist political agenda. There are willing dupes on the extreme left and right that drive unfounded conspiracy narratives that tend to paralyze the general population from taking action. But make no mistake, every crisis is a preamble to reduce freedom. COVID gave the government precedent to lockdown your ability to freely move and interact; allowed the government and the media to censor both those who objected, and doctors and scientists who challenged the government mandates of treatment. Now the crisis in Ukraine is given way to price increases that further limit individual freedoms.

Good citizens are confused and disillusioned, limited by having to suspend their disbelief that this war is real and active. Notwithstanding, pockets of resistance are beginning to take shape. There is push back against mandates. Doctors and scientists are finding their footing and beginning to counter the propaganda against people’s health fears. These efforts presently lack a cohesive strategy and coordinated approach which is further frustrated by censorship and demonization.  Countermeasures are growing, but will continue to be fragmented until they reach some formation of critical mass. Time is both the enemy and the ally from the standpoint that truth takes time to expose, and the strongarmed are moving aggressively.

If it’s not COVID, it’s another crisis. Government bureaucrats and politicians perpetuate their attack on liberty through the lifeblood of crisis. They never stop. Think about how the Islamic crisis curtailed American freedom with the Patriot Act, the provisions of which are rarely sunset. The precedent of COVID restrictions will be with us forever, even though the policies were an abject failure. Joe Biden’s off-script remarks about Russian dictator Vladimir Putin create even more turmoil, but it is not lost on the power grabbers. America is at war from within. Good citizens need to realize this and form a resistance of truth tellers. As Christ said in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The way to counter darkness is with light. Counter propaganda with truth, not rumor, conspiracy theories, wishful thinking, but truth.

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Bill Wilson