Stupidocrisy: Vice signaling

There is a big “thing” among the “woke” left crowd called “virtue signaling.” Virtue signaling, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is “the popular modern habit of indicating that one has virtue merely by expressing disgust or favor for certain political ideas or cultural happenings.” Examples may be when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells everyone to mask up to prevent COVID, but doesn’t wear a mask herself, essentially saying she is supporting a socially popular directive to make everybody think she is virtuous, but in reality, she doesn’t care. In other words, virtue signaling is a modern way of saying “hypocrite.” Joe Biden, in his speech to the Business Roundtable, used Russia as an example to expose his own playbook.

Biden, speaking to this prestigious gathering of America’s top CEOs, talked about how Russia’s Vladimir Putin uses red flag events to signal what he himself is going to do. Biden said, “He’s run a lot of false-flag operations. Whenever he starts talking about something he thinks NATO, Ukraine, or the United States is about to do, it means he’s getting ready to do it. Not a joke…And so, his back is against the wall. And he’s–now he’s talking about new false flags he’s setting up, including he’s asserting that, we, in America, have biological as well as chemical weapons in Europe–simply not true.  I guarantee you. They’re also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine. That’s a clear sign he is considering using both of those.”

This is the playbook, the “vice signaling,” if you will, of evil. Biden and the Democratic Party do it all the time. Think about it. They call out President Trump for having underhanded relations with Russia when Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and a host of their cronies are raking in tens of millions of dollars from “pay to play” deals in Russia. They impeach Trump for leveraging money for Ukraine’s defense for Zelensky providing information on Biden’s criminal son, but Biden himself is on video bragging that he threatened to withhold defense funds from Ukraine if the investigation of his son was not stopped. They say conservatives conducted an insurrection against the US government when they have been conducting their own insurrection. They accuse Republicans of suppressing the vote to steal elections, when they are violating voting laws.

The list goes on and on. Instead of virtue signaling. It’s vice signaling. Accusing someone of doing exactly what you are doing. They are chief among the virtue signalers, too. Romans 2:3 says, “And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?” And if people were discerning, they would be able to detect and exposed these actions that are commonplace among politicians of both parties, world leaders, and especially the corporate news media that is vice signaling in most every newscast 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As seekers of truth, we need to hold accountability and whenever we see it, point out this…say it with me…stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson