Have some discernment

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought with it some extreme thoughts and confusion among the Christian community. Some are hailing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as a hero for fighting against the Globalist Agenda. Some are saying that Putin is a madman. The mainstream news media, the Hollywood elite, and globalist-supporting politicians are using their platforms to promote American involvement in yet another war. The propaganda machines in both Russia and Ukraine are operating at full tilt with polar opposite accounts of the situation. Joe Biden and his administration are stuck in the mode of just describing the situation because they don’t know what to do. Have some discernment.

Putin is not a champion for good. He never has been. Just because people think his mother was a Christian, doesn’t make Putin a good guy with a white hat. Yes, Putin is against the “Globalist Agenda.” He always has been. Not because of some noble value, but because he has his own new world order goals—where there is no dollar as currency; where Russia, China and Iran rule the world, including the United States, with their brand of communism, socialism or theocracy. Putin’s goons have assassinated journalists and political leaders who oppose his agenda. He is former KGB and has systematically built back the former Soviet Union with a new communist twist. He is a bully not to be trusted.

The globalist agenda depends on war to expand. And America is all too eager to be the world’s policeman. Democratic and Republican politicians alike are supported financially by the war machine defense contractors and all of them are far too eager to follow the mantra: “War is good business. Invest your sons and daughters” so that they can profit on the maiming and death of our young people—all in the name of freedom. The government, led by unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats, is happy to take your tax money and redistribute it to fund the war machine—Can you say Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam? The financial benefits of the globalist war machine line the pockets of all globalist politicians irrespective of party. The corporate media wants another war that will boost their ratings and fill their pockets.

The Biden’s and their cronies have made hundreds of millions of dollars through corruption in Russia, Ukraine, and China. Biden is compromised with his dealings in all three countries. Neither Putin nor Biden are just. Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced; thousands of civilians killed. Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:6, “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you are not troubled.” The Christian duty is to preach the gospel, ease the suffering in the name of Christ—not advocate for creating more suffering. We are to stand for justice. None of this Russian situation is good. Plead the cause of the poor and needy, seek God’s peace in this perilous time. Above all, have some discernment.

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Bill Wilson