Early warning of the coming tyranny

Joe Biden advised Canada’s socialist leader Justin Trudeau on how to handle the truckers protesting Trudeau’s COVID mandates—use federal powers to crush them. Reuters cited an unnamed White House official that said US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also recommended these harsh actions to their Canadian counterparts on February 10. Four days later, Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergency Powers, that froze bank accounts, noted license plates for future arrests, sent police against the truckers, and arrested anyone protesting. Biden may be signaling his plans if Americans behave like their Canadian cousins. The coming tyranny.

American truckers have started to organize a convoy on the West coast. Their goal is to arrive in Washington, DC and remain there until the Biden Administration’s draconian COVID mandates are removed. Already, the government tools like Facebook are banning the truckers because they “violate” the Facebook standards of nonviolence. It is worth a mention that Trudeau, in invoking his Emergency Powers, said the freedom convoy in Canada was a violent movement. This, despite strong evidence that the truckers were helping the homeless, removing snow from senior citizens’ sidewalks and driveways, and a host of other volunteer community services. Violence is in the eyes of the beholder of the agenda. For example, BLM and Antifa protests were considered nonviolent as if those buildings were looting and burning themselves.

Biden also said that he was considering calling up the National Guard to help with the trucker shortage in America—something the White House nearly immediately corrected. Biden does not have the authority to call up the National Guard. That’s up to the states. But there wouldn’t be a supply chain shortage or a truck driver issue if there were no COVID mandates that applied to truckers. Mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports are all compliance issues from which truckers should be exempt. They also are ways to use fearmongering to force people to comply with the agenda. This is nothing more than setting precedents to take away freedom. You can bet Biden and his crew will implement the advice they told Trudeau if and when truckers shut down Washington, DC for any extended period of time.

The suggestions given Trudeau by the Biden Administration should serve as an early warning to all of us. Truckers and those who plan on supporting them should be forewarned that reputations, bank accounts, property, income, freedom, and civil rights will be attacked by not only the Biden Administration, but also by the agenda-driven news media and the corporate cronies of tyranny. This is the spirt of oppression. We, however, know the spirit of freedom found only in Christ. 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” May the Holy Spirit quicken each of us to stand as we ought to stand that we may reclaim our God-given rights and remain free.

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Bill Wilson