Stupidocrisy: Doubleminded statements and policies

The Department of Homeland Security announced that on January 22 non-US travelers who wish to enter the US by ferry or land ports of entry at the Mexico and Canadian borders must show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That is, all except those who illegally cross the border. OSHA, after a Supreme Court smackdown, officially withdrew Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate on companies with 100 employees or more, saying it just wanted to protect unvaccinated workers of large employers “from workplace exposure to coronavirus.” Really? The vaccine does not prevent contracting or transmitting COVID. OSHA says it will be back with a permanent COVID “healthcare standard.” But wait, there’s more.

Former head of the Food and Drug Administration, now on the Pfizer board of directors—isn’t that a cozy gig—Dr. Scott Gottlieb, told CNBC that the time is coming where mask and vaccine mandates should be removed as quickly as they were put in place. He said, “I think a lot of the acrimony that we are having here in the United States is because we haven’t prescribed clear goal posts for when we are going to withdraw a lot of these measures.” Talk about moving goal posts, reports that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla openly stated during a J.P. Morgan healthcare conference this week that current COVID vaccines the company developed offer “limited, if any” protection against contracting current variants of the disease. He then encouraged booster shots. Huh?

Couple that with White House COVID Czar Dr. Anthony Fauci’s remarks on ABC’s This Week and there is total removal of the goal posts. Fauci said, “But we do know—these are the recent data that have come out from the CDC that, even with Omicron, boosting makes a major, major difference in protecting you from hospitalization and severe outcomes, so things are looking good.” The head of the company that made the vaccine just said that the vaccines offer “limited, if any” protection against variants like Omicron. Talk about conflicting statements from the captains of the COVID battle. By the way, Fauci also said that those people who haven’t been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or received vaccine booster shots may still see “a bit more pain and suffering with hospitalizations.”

In the same interview, Fauci said, “You never want to be overconfident when you’re dealing with this virus. But if you look at the patterns that we’ve seen in South Africa, in the UK, and in Israel and in the northeast and New England and upper Midwest states, they have peaked and [are] starting to come down rather sharply.” So what is it? Foreigners entering the country need to be vaccinated, or not? The mandates need to end, or are more government restrictions coming? The vaccines protect against new variants, or don’t they? Has the virus and variants peaked, or not? One thing for certain, Fauci was right that there will be more pain and suffering—but for everyone. James 1:8 says, “A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.” And that has been the lies and deceit during this entire COVID fiasco—doublemindedness. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson