Mystery and intrigue surround 2021 death rate increase

The discovery that death rates increased 40% during the COVID pandemic year over the previous year, and years-before averages, has prompted some head scratching among the medical community. It appears that the increase, which Indiana’s OneAmerica Insurance CEO Scott Davidson claims is four times higher than a one-in-200-year catastrophe, are not COVID related. These deaths are among the working age group 18-64 Indiana Hospital Association President Brian Tabor confirmed that Indiana hospitals are seeing increases in deaths and hospitalizations AND 2021 COVID deaths are less than half of those in 2020. Other countries, such as India, are reporting almost exactly the same. What gives?

According to the Epoch Times, “vaccine safety blogger Steve Kirsch, Phoenix, Arizona, is reporting a 100 percent rise in the death rate among city employees. In 2021, it was double that of the 10-year average. “There is clearly something going on that is not unique to Indiana,” he writes, adding: “Excess mortality figures in Europe and the UK seem to show younger people are dying faster than the elderly, and that people 0-14 are dying faster in the second half of 2021 as compared to the first.”” Doctors who have identified non-CDC “approved” COVID treatment options say that some 85% of that death rate could have been prevented by making sure early treatment was given, “rather than exclusively relying on a vaccine.”

The mystery surrounding this death rate increase is even more heightened since hospitals were financially incentivized by the CDC and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for all things COVID—up to $100,000 from testing through death. And these hospitals were mandated to use the CDC protocol of remdesivir (which had a 50%+ mortality rate when it was forced to be withdrawn in treating Ebola) and ventilators, which have an a 45-84% age-related mortality rate. All this certainly adds up to more than a 50% mortality rate if a loved one was admitted to the hospital for COVID. But what about the 40% death rate increase where COVID is not listed on the death certificate? That’s what scientists are trying to unpack.

Given the current environment of censorship and job loss for those who offer alternative treatments for COVID, there is a white elephant in the room—the mRNA vaccines. Vaccines long have been suspected by many, and alternate opinions dismissed by big pharma, of causing life altering side effects. Doctors are reluctant to connect these side effects with the vaccines, and it is very difficult to trace. But one theory, currently publicly unspoken, but privately discussed, is that the COVID vaccines may be related to these death rate increases. As Christ said in John 8:32, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” We need to hear the truth one way or another. Because the authorities are using their version of it to spread fear and bondage.

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Bill Wilson