Stupidocrisy: The violent coup narrative

As the Democrats prepare to recount their revised version of the January 6 protests at the Capitol, corporate media are embellishing the narrative that the protests were a violent, deadly attempted coup that threatened democracy. An account by Reuters announcing Joe Biden’s “truth” speech about what happened that day, said “Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will speak Thursday morning at the U.S. Capitol, one year after thousands of Trump supporters raided the complex in a failed attempt to stop the counting of Electoral College votes by lawmakers that officially delivered the Democratic president’s election victory.” Most stories that day estimated the “raiders” at no more than 800. My how history changes.

You will hear descriptions using words of “insurrection,” “bloody coup,” and “violent overthrow.” These may be just projections by the media and the Democratic Party politicians of what they would like to do to the US government. Certainly, the policies they support undeniably suggest a total remaking of this remarkable Republic into a socialist state.  I took a lot of heat for it at the time when I wrote on January 7, 2020: “because of the way things went down on Capitol Hill, conservatives and Christians will be paying that price of association for years to come, guilty or not.” And that is how the media and the democrats are positioning January 6. But these people have no idea what a real coup, a real insurrection looks like. Take it from my ministry partner, Pastor William Agbeti, who has lived through seven coups in Ghana.

He writes, “Three key characteristics surrounding these coups were: 1) Clear intentions to topple ruling governments and unseat incumbent Presidents through most times bloody uprising; 2) Engagement of Mass Media machinery to announce the coups, suspend the constitution, ban ruling parties and governments and direct government leaders to report themselves to the nearest police stations in their own best interests; and 3) Bringing to a halt all government and to a large extent private business operations. Given these backdrops to coups in Ghana, and thinking within this context, I find it difficult to appreciate how the January 6, 2021 incident involving a group of people storming the US Capitol could be described as “insurrection.”

Agbeti says, “When all the above Ghanaian precedents and the legal US parameters are disengaged from the January 6, 2021 “insurrection,” then the likelihood that some vested interests are trying to give a dog a bad name, so to speak, is easy to believe! I think we should all see the January 6, 2021 incident as purely a public challenge to, or demonstration against, perceived wrongful election results. Period. I wish many were in my shoes, to understand that it is in everybody’s best interests, as a people and a nation, to stop fanning the flames erupting from January 6, 2021. Proverbs 14:12 says: “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Let’s all wisely and prayerfully avoid this end. Don’t glorify or crucify January 6. Let sleeping dogs lie!” Good advice from the survivor of real coups, not embellished nonsense.  Such demagoguery from the media and politicians is, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson