Stupidocrisy: The friendly skies

COVID Czar Anthony Fauci has gone from mask-no mask-mask to whatever and now he would welcome airlines requiring everyone who flies on a domestic flight to not only wear a mask, but to have the government-mandated COVID serum, ah, sorry, vaccination. This, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, must also include pilots. A group of attorneys and doctors have written the FAA, “That Both the FAA & Commercial Airline Industry Appear to Have Violated Long-Standing CFR Regulations Which Disallow Medical Clearance of Pilots Who Have Received Non-FDA Approved Products – Lest “Aeromedically Significant Adverse Effects Manifest.” In other words, this mandate endangers everyone who flies.

The letter notes that FAA has violated its own regulation that “Disallows medical clearance of Pilots who have consumed non-FDA approved products like COVID vaccines” and that the FAA appears “to be putting both pilots and the general public at risk of death and/or serious injury” by ignoring this regulation for COVID vaccinated pilots. The letter, signed by citizens’ rights activists, lawyers, doctors, pilots and military officers, cites specific examples of pilots who were adversely affected by the vaccine and had to be grounded as safety risks. The group also demands that the government medically flag all vaccinated pilots and have them tested for blood clotting and cardiac health. If they fail the tests, they must be grounded, according to the letter.

In a non-related incident on a Delta flight last week, 51-year old former Playboy model, Raiders cheerleader, and actress Patricia Cornwall, who was not wearing her mask over her mouth and nose attacked an 80-year-old man for not wearing a mask. Court documents indicate that Cornwall was blocked from her seat by a flight attendant serving beverages, and asked that Cornwall find an open seat until the aisle was cleared. She responded, “What am I, Rosa Parks?” The document says the 80-year-old man “told Cornwall it was an inappropriate comment and that she ‘isn’t black….this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.'” Caught on video, Cornwall began berating him for not being masked up, got close to his face and spit on him, and hit him with her fist. She refused to mask up until the 80-year-old man put his mask up, as they dragged her away.

The handling of this entire COVID pandemic is a mess. The government is so crazed that it has used fear mongering to whip people into a frenzy, even to the point of attacking those they perceive are not compliant with the drummed-up safety requirements. And the government is so set on getting everybody to take its mandated serum that it is violating its own regulations and putting thousands of peoples’ lives at risk. Not to mention the failed COVID treatment protocols of using remdesivir and ventilators that added to the death tolls. As Christ said of the end times in Matthew 24:10, “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” It may not be the end of days, but the hate has already begun. So much for flying the friendly skies, or anything friendly for that matter. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

Letter to FAA, DOJ, DOT calling for vaccinated pilot investigation

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Bill Wilson