Wake Up America

The constructs of a government of the people, for the people and by the people are breaking down. Economic policy is directly responsible for the highest inflation rate increase since 1990. Foreign policy has destabilized the world by allowing bad actors to fill the void where US influence was maintaining stability. Energy policy is contributing to astronomical increases in fuel prices. National security policy has abdicated America’s role internationally and has emboldened Russia, China, Iran and terrorists groups. Border security policy has allowed record numbers of illegals into the country. Health policy of mandates is oppressive and putting people out of work. Does this sound like a government protecting its people?

Joe Biden and his band of politicians are trying to convince Americans that this runaway inflation is temporary—nothing to see here. The only temporary part of this inflation cycle is that it is temporarily at these current low levels because inflation will continue to rise. Think about it. Biden’s first week in office resulted in the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline project. That put 11,400 people out of work. Halting oil and gas drillings on federal lands is estimated to cost another million jobs according to the American Petroleum Institute. Now Biden, at the request of environmental activists, is considering shutting down the Embridge Line 5 pipeline that carries 23 million gallons of oil a day. On January 18, just before Joe Biden took office, the national average of gasoline at the pump was $2.46 per gallon. What are you paying now?

Policies such as increasing taxes, pouring money into climate change, and giving money and weapons to Islamic terrorist organizations, pose tremendous harm to American citizens. The COVID oppression positions the government to control your every move. Vaccinated or not, direct or indirect mandates are designed not to save lives but to subject them to control resulting in tyranny. These are very similar to the end time prophecies where a world leader causes all people to worship him. Those who do not cannot buy, sell, or even live. This truly targets Christians, who know the freedom of God and will refuse to bow to tyranny. It is Christians, by and large, who are resisting these mandates, but more need to join the movement otherwise the Liberty we enjoy in Christ will become the chains of bondage in the land of the living.

The Biden Administration is attempting to blend radical Marxist social policies with steadfast economic principles and the two are incompatible. One cannot build back better by destroying the moral, social and economic fabric of a country. Teaching that all white kids are racist. Allowing the LGBTQ agenda to confuse and groom children for a life of sexual depravity. Then labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists. Using COVID mandates to control what people wear, think, buy, and travel. Shutting down jobs and products at affordable prices. Pronouncing judgments against the enemies of God in Ezekiel 32, the Lord notes in verse 26, “though they caused their terror in the land of the living.” This government is causing a terror to the people, while hiding behind extreme propaganda to cover it up. Wake up America!

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Bill Wilson