In the name of public special interest

The new talking point shared by the woke leftist crowd is public interest. There’s a whole lot of public interest comments being made. It is in the public interest, for example, that the Biden Administration is backdooring a mandate through OSHA to force all Americans take a COVID shot. It’s in the public interest that the Biden Administration stop pipelines across the country to prevent phantom climate change while putting the burden of higher fuel prices on every American. It is in the public interest of Biden’s government to let corporations skirt Buy American laws, costing US jobs. Some public interest when the action only harms the public both financially and by violating Constitutional rights.

At the apex of these public interest dogmas, is the Build Back Better legislation proffered by the Biden Administration as the linchpin to American prosperity. Television commercials, paid for by us taxpayers, didn’t even meet the straight face test saying that the trillions-plus law will not cost anything—that unless you made more than $450,000, you were in the clear. What a propaganda bonanza! Everything in that bill will cost all of us. In escalating energy prices alone, gasoline, heating fuel, transportation costs, will gouge your bankroll. But the worst of it will come from the taxes on corporations and the so-called “rich.” Those tax hikes will be passed on to consumers in droves for businesses to maintain profitability.

It’s in the public interest that some $550 billion be spent on climate change projects. Sure, the Democrats sugar-coat this in their media campaign to let everyone know they want to promote “clean energy” in the transportation, manufacturing, and electric power industries. This includes “investments” (meaning your tax money going to Democratic Party supporters) in transmission (to connect more communities to clean power across long distances) and battery storage (when there is no sun or wind). There’s also over $100 billion to make communities more resilient to climate disasters and reduce pollution in homes. I guess it’s in the public interest to have a federal inspector show up and demand you rewire your house and replace all the windows—out of your own pocket. The $100 billion is just for hiring the inspectors. Isn’t that how it works?

There’s also about $400 billion for early childhood education and child care. With the recent examples in Loudoun County, Va that means more LGBTQ grooming (gender identity as a protected class) of young impressionable kids and more Critical Race Theory being taught (but denied). Sadly, Republicans had the votes to stop this Marxist attack on your values and money. Some 13 House and 19 Senate Republicans sided with the Democrats against you. The further away from God this country races, the deeper its problems. Ecclesiastes 3:13 says that “Every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor. It is the gift of God.” Pretty hard to do when the government sees special interests as the public interest. Give Caesar his due, right? But Caesar was a dictator. In this country we have responsibility of choice. Time to exercise it.

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Bill Wilson