Of Pride and Hubris

Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.” This is what we saw in Virginia on Tuesday. But the question remains, “did any one learn anything from how the people voted?” Democrat and media commentators focused on how loser Terry McAuliffe was unable to establish his narrative. One member of the media suggested that the media didn’t do a good job amplifying McAuliffe’s campaign themes. This, an indication that even the media believes its duty is to help elect Democratic Party candidates. The post-election analysts argued many factors, none of them included, however, constitutional rights, border security, child protection, etc. It’s all about the narrative.

Democrats should learn that at least half of America, whether they have a college education or not, strongly disagrees with the party agenda. Probably another 35% are just ignorant and will pull the lever for a Democrat no matter what. And the remaining 15% are somewhere in between. Unconstitutional mandates, villainization of groups of people, teaching children that all white people are racist, exposing children to confusing sexual deviancy and pornography in public schools, border security, defunding police forces, inflation, gasoline prices, government-sponsored corporate censorship—all these are things people who vote care about. Democrats—it’s not about the narrative, it’s about your destructive, godless, Marxist agenda.

Republicans have a lot to learn, too. Having little more than half the people in a state like Virginia vote for your candidates is not a policy mandate. You can’t just retreat behind the idea that America’s finally woke up that wokism isn’t for them. The media and the Democratic Party will work overtime to improve their narrative so Virginia doesn’t repeat. The Glenn Youngkin campaign should be a template. Youngkin told his story of who he is and why he was running by using organic examples. When McAuliffe lied, which was often, Youngkin didn’t disparage McAuliffe by calling him names or bullying his rhetoric. Youngkin calmly used the facts, even McAuliffe’s own voice, to refute McAuliffe. Youngkin’s was a straightforward campaign based on the issues, not personalities or implied agendas or conspiracies. Republicans should take note.

Voters have a lot to learn. Voters need to be informed. Know the issues. Don’t fall for the narrative. As a typical example from the media, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said, “Critical race theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection-endorsed Republican.” Think about all the falsehoods in that statement. Schools are teaching Critical Race Theory, which states: “all of society is racialized and properly viewed through a prism of identity groups based on race and color, with minorities being the oppressed while white people serve as the oppressor.” President Trump did not endorse an insurrection. Republicans are not known for racism, but Democrats have a history of it. Voters, especially Christians, need to take time to discern and know the truth. As Christ said, “the truth shall make you free.” And it will keep you that way.

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Bill Wilson