The dark Biden purgatory

“Oh, we are for the little guy. Corporations should pay their fair share. We want to tax the rich. This $3.5 trillion budget won’t cost you a cent.” As my Dad used to say when I was little, “It’s all a bunch of BS.” When I asked him what “BS” meant, he would look over to my mother’s unapproving glare, and say, “Brown Sugar, son.” Well, it’s worse than brown sugar. These Democratic Party policies are going to throw the US into a dark recession with record level inflation—and it all hurts the “little guy” that the Democrats repeatedly say they support. No thanks, I’m good. These policy moves also clear the way for the biggest socialist power grab since Obamacare—and that’s horrible for your Constitutional rights.

First and foremost, the whole COVID 19 vaccination mandate that the Biden Administration is threatening not only tramples your civil rights, it will cost businesses millions in extra money to implement. There will be testing costs. There will be administrative costs. There will be legal costs. And who do you think is going to pay for these costs? They all will be passed through to the cost of goods and services paid for by, guess who? The little guy. You and me. And that corporate tax increase Biden and the Democrats want to make sure companies pay their fair share? You and I will pay it because the same companies will have to raise their prices to compensate. So, it’s going to cost and it will cost big time.

What about the supply chain disruption? There are a record number of supply ships floating around in America’s harbors. You can see the impact of that by just going to the grocery store, or any store for that matter. We are starting to look like a third world country. Anything from food items to spare tires for your lawnmower are backed up in this black hole of consumer goods. Looking for White House leadership to help fix this crisis? Don’t hold your breath. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on paternity leave with his husband for a couple of weeks. When asked who was in charge, press secretary Jenn Psaki said, “there are a range of officials leading different components…” In other words, nobody is in charge and there is no real solution. You are on your own, America.

Biden’s supply chain crisis and failing labor policies (including COVID mandates) is costing us little guys a small fortune. The Labor Department says prices are up for: gas: 42.1%, used cars: 24.4%, hotels: 18%, TVs: 12.7%, furniture: 11.2%, meats, poultry, fish and eggs: 10.5%, electricity: 5.2%, restaurant prices: 4.7%, rent: 2.9%. If you can even get these goods, a Moody’s economist says the increased prices have raised the cost of living for the average American by $175 a month in food, fuel and housing. We are entering an economic purgatory because of Biden, his administration, and a one-party controlled Congress. 1 Corinthians 12:26 says, “And if one member (of the body) suffer, all the members suffer with it.” If we are to suffer, let us as the Body of Christ suffer for righteousness sake. Take a stand.

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Bill Wilson