There you go again

There was a famous line in the second 1980 presidential debate between President Jimmy Carter and challenger Ronald Reagan. When Carter tried to twist Reagan’s record as governor using hyperbole, Reagan responded in his fatherly and affable way, “There you go again.” The point was made. As Americans facing much dire circumstances than even Carter created in his four years of a disastrous presidency, we need to recognize now the devastating impact of the Biden Administration and stand against further deterioration. History is repeating itself with this presidency and the consequences will be far more far reaching than that of the failed Carter presidency.

The parallels between President Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden are strikingly similar. Remember Carter? He oversaw a doubling of gasoline prices, inflation went from 5% to 14%, interest rates climbed from a little over 7% to 16%, and unemployment in some parts of the country was in double-digits. His foreign policy was as much as a disaster. The Democrat president actually tried to use food as a weapon by embargoing grain sales to the Soviet Union, decimating American farmers, and he promoted Islamic terrorists by trying to normalize relations with the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization and helping to foment the Iranian revolution that installed the terrorists Ayatollahs.

Associated Press reports: “With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, natural gas and other fuels, the US government said Wednesday it expects households to see jumps of up to 54% for their heating bills from last winter…The forecast from the US Energy Information Administration is the latest reminder of the higher inflation ripping across the global economy. Earlier Wednesday, the government released a separate report showing that prices were 5.4% higher for US consumers in September than a year ago. That’s the hottest inflation since 2008, as a reawakening economy and snarled supply chains push up prices for everything from cars to groceries.” There you go again.

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicated Energy prices were up 24.8% over the past 12 months. Gasoline increased by 42.1%, natural gas was up 20.6%, and electricity rose by 5.2%. Food prices soared to their highest level since December 2011. The food at home index increased by 4.5 percent, seeing increases in all six major grocery store food groups, particularly for meats, eggs, fish, and poultry. Biden’s foreign policy is also a disaster with terrorists flourishing, China threatening, supply chains backing up and a myriad of other issues—all of which make it more difficult on the average citizen. Add in unconstitutional back door COVID 19 mandates. Proverbs 28:3 says, “A destitute leader who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain which leaves no food.” There you go again.

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