Big vaccine misinformation

Vaccine misinformation is a big topic these days. So big that big pharma, big media and big government are taking big steps to censor anybody who challenges their big narrative. Google-owned YouTube is removing and prohibiting content that claims commonly used vaccines, including COVID vaccines, approved by health authorities are ineffective or dangerous. These specifically target Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola, both highly critical of the COVID vaccines and the protocols the groupthink medical industry are using to treat COVID. Problem here is that these men are raising concerns from credible research that the big mainstream refuses to acknowledge or consider.

Even Dr. Ben Carson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, pumped the brakes on COVID vaccines. He told Christian Broadcasting Network: “When we start opening ourselves to government officials saying ‘you must do this,’ ‘you can’t do this,’ ‘you must say this,’ ‘you can’t say that,’ you really are starting to fundamentally change the foundation of our nation. And we have to be very much aware that that is a big issue. And you couple that with the fact that you’re trying to mandate something that hasn’t been fully proven. We don’t know what the long-term impact of this vaccine is, especially when you are dealing with children. We do know when you are dealing with children, you don’t have a high risk from the virus itself. But we don’t know what the long-term risks of the vaccines are. So we need to be a little more careful, I think.”

Carson was speaking from a September 24 interview that CBN posted on YouTube. By Google/YouTube standards, this is likely considered misinformation. But Carson, along with others, is pointing out that government mandates—and this is a mandate by the Biden Administration that Congress is already acting to place poison pill penalties on businesses that do not comply—are contrary to the founding principles of the nation. This is why, whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated you should stand firm against such mandates. The second point Carson makes is that there is no knowledge of the long-term impact of these COVID vaccines. CDC says COVID vaccines do not prevent contracting COVID; that boosters are needed far sooner than expected; and that there are unexplained dangerous side-effects for some people.

To many, just quoting CDC’s warnings is passing on misinformation because CDC’s own website indicates that there are risks associated with the COVID vaccines. The “big” guys pushing the vaccine would be far better to consider what contradictory research is saying and work with the dissenters to develop a better solution. Instead, they team with big government to ignore critics and force their solution onto the population. This breeds contempt and distrust. Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron; so one man sharpens the countenance of another.” America is at its best when it works together to solve problems, not when it mandates one way of thinking and censors all others.

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Bill Wilson