Stupidocrisy: What do you get when you cross liberalism with pride?

A game us old horse breeders played to amuse ourselves and tease our brains was asking each other a question that began with: What would you get when you cross a…? We would make up different scenarios to try to guess the offspring, even down to the second or third generation. It seems that all of America has been playing this game for a while and the results are profound because the common sense gene pool has been getting worse and worse, with no new good blood coming into the picture. The result might be a mindset of people that want to cure inflation by increasing spending, or control the weather with more taxes, or stop a disease by quarantining healthy people. Hmmm. Let’s see how it works.

What would you get if you crossed a Bill “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton with an Alexandria “is it okay to still have children” Ocasio-Cortez? Then crossed that offspring with the offspring of a Kamala “That little girl was me… Haha… Hahahahaha… haha…hahahahahaha” Harris with a Joe “We planned for every contingency and the truth is: This did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated” Biden? And then crossed that offspring with a Hillary “at this point, what difference does it make?” Clinton? And then crossed that offspring with the offspring of a Nancy “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”Pelosi and a Barak “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and we’re working to remake America” Obama?

You might get an offspring who can’t even think straight and has to answer fairly easy questions with “let me circle back to you on that.” Or “I know this is a question that others will have in the room, so let me venture to do that after the briefing.” Or “I don’t have a date for you exactly.” Or “But I will check and see if we have an answer to that question.” Or “I’m certainly — I’m not aware of that request — or that ask.” Or “I just have to get more information on it.” Or “I don’t have more information on it.” Or “I don’t have more information. I have a responsibility to get more context and information.” Or “I’m sure we can venture to get you a more substantive reaction to that.” You might get an offspring like White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki and the aforementioned responses from her latest presser, which is very similar to all her pressers.

In a 1984 interview, Former Soviet KGB agent and defector Yuri Bezmenov spoke of how by 1970 the Soviets had infiltrated left-leaning people in the US with a brainwashing strategy called ideological subversion. He said it was designed to change the perception of reality of every American so “no one is able to come to sensible conclusions” to defend themselves, their families, and their country. Sadly, many of these brainwashed “progressives” are currently in political leadership, media, and entertainment. It’s the offspring of decades of breeding political nonsense as reality. Job 30:8 speaks of those who were “children of fools, yea, children of base men: they were viler than the earth.” It’s what you get when you cross liberalism with pride, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson