Daily Jot Special Report: What the people say

We heard Joe Biden spouting off about how getting vaccinated “is not about freedom or personal choice.” When a politician like him says that, you can know one thing for certain: it is about freedom and personal choice. He blamed unvaccinated people for the current endemic and vowed to essentially force every government worker, contractor and private sector employee of companies of 100 or more to be vaccinated. Trouble is, the vaccination itself is not the total solution and doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is, what we all know, insanity. Many Daily Jot readers have commented—a mix of those who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Here’s what they say.

LM wrote: “And the fact remains that when COVID first reared its ugly head in the US and the then President Trump began taking action to fight this disease, the idiot liberals protested against every move and decision he made beginning with Pelosi who suggested to her constituents to “go to China town”. And there’s the time when future Vice President Harris boldly announced that she would not take the Trump vaccine. The examples of political stupidity and incompetence are endless. There lies the root cause of all today’s chaos surrounding the flu and its vaccine. Evil in the form of chaos is alive and kicking in our nation’s capital!”

CD commented: “By now we’ve heard Biden’s 6-point plan which is really a one-point plan to cancel the unvaccinated.  This “speech” was nothing more than his attempt to divert attention from the disaster he’s created in Afghanistan, and further divide the country. Now the vaccinated should hate the unvaccinated. And the unvaccinated are the reason Biden’s been a failure in solving the COVID issue. He takes NO responsibility for anything. He’s playing the old victim game again.  It’s always something or someone else’s fault like the governors of Florida and Texas and the unvaccinated. There was NO mention of the open border with hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated streaming over it and finding their way to all parts of the country to spread disease and now terrorism.

“There is no mention of the thousands of Afghans who have NOT been vetted, who are also a health and terrorist threat. There is NO mention of where the number of 80 million unvaccinated comes from. There is NO mention that the CDC (Can’t Decide Crap) has stated that 120 million Americans have had COVID. How many of them are included in the 80 million unvaccinated? They have better immunity than the vaccinated!…There are legitimate reasons people don’t want the vaccine besides the fact people just plain don’t trust or believe the lies coming from the oval office. The decision whether to get vaccinated is one every American should make after consulting with his doctor. Biden and his staff of liars should stay they hell out of this. All they want to do to put their knees on the necks of Americans; especially those of us that recognize a liar when we see and hear one.”

Steps must be taken to mitigate COVID, but pitting Americans against one another is not one of them. Neither is mandating a “vaccine” that is only partially effective and the long-term effects are unknown. It would be smart to bring the best minds of all medical disciplines—allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy– together with the ground rules that they will listen to one another and develop the best solution. We are Americans. We adapt, adjust and succeed. Trouble is, success is measured a different way in the political world. Lives don’t matter, power does. When we call on the Lord and work together, we solve problems. As Christ said in Mark 3:24, “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” Biden’s way will result in tyranny.

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Bill Wilson