Religious Freedom Takes Another Hit

President Joe Biden made history by saying he will name the first Muslim as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, replacing former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. Reminiscent of the “all things Muslim” Obama Administration, Biden’s choice, Rashad Hussain, is credited as an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood who was instrumental in helping turn the Obama White House into a supporter of the terrorist sponsoring group. Hussain has a long list of questionable affiliations with names and events considered supportive of Islamic terrorist organizations, according to several media outlets. Given Hussain’s background, this is a setback for advocating religious freedom around the world.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism carried an article by the Egyptian Magazine Rose El-Youssef written in December 2012 discussing Hussain’s questionable ties: “In June 2002 Hussein was included as part of a team of Congress aides at the annual conference of the American Islamic Council (AMC) headed by Abdulrahman Al Amoudi a Muslim Brotherhood leader in the United States currently imprisoned after being accused of masterminding a plot to assassinate Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He was also part of the organizing committee of the conference of the Critical Islamic Reflections (CIR) organization with elements of the American Muslim Brotherhood, Jamal Barzanji, Hisham Taleb, and Yaqub Mirza.

“He [Hussain] has also been linked to the SAFA organization and a network of Islamic organizations located in Northern Virginia whose headquarters was raided by the federal government in March 2002 which confirmed their relationship with the international organization of the Brotherhood…” The article also says that Hussain helped write Obama’s famous “New Beginnings” Cairo speech advocating a strategy that aligned the US with nontraditional foreign policy partners such as the renown terrorist sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood, and both direct and indirect elements of al Qaeda, resulting in the destabilization of Muslim governments across Northern Africa and the Middle East during an offensive called Arab Spring. This was reportedly Hussain’s contribution to the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.

Politico reported that as Obama’s Islamic envoy in 2010, Hussain called the trial of college professor Sami Al-Arian under the Patriot Act politically motivated, although Al-Arian’s ties to Islamic Jihad were proven and he plead guilty to aiding terrorists. Hussain is a bad choice. One need look no further than statistics from Nigeria’s International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law where in that country nearly 3,500 Christians were murdered in the first 200 days of 2021 and some 3,000 mostly Christian girls and women were kidnapped—by Islamists. 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, ”where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” Islam is the antithesis of liberty. Biden’s nomination of Hussain, who has a track record of supporting radical Islam, is tone deaf, disrespectful, and insulting to Christians and Jews around the world.

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Bill Wilson