What’s your mission?

The other day, I was looking through my old passport. There is this stamp in here where I disembarked 17 July 1992. Wow, did it bring back some memories. In late 1991, William Agbeti came to America on a non-political mission representing as a citizen, certain more official interests in, the then-dictatorship of Ghana. I was a veteran political consultant/operative for Christian conservative candidates and officeholders. William had been looking through the yellow pages for someone to partner with him in telling his story and in bringing good things to his homeland. The Holy Spirit directed his path to my political consulting firm. I guess the Lord knew I was ready for another type of adventure.

William, whose last name means “Tree of Life,” and I became close friends very quickly–one of those God-ordained relationships. And before long, William had me on a plane to Ghana. It was late June 1992 when I was introduced to the smiles, hearts, hardships, challenges and love of the Ghanaian people. Over the next 29 years, William and I would work together to bring computers and computer assembly jobs to Ghana, create jobs by building homes in Ghana, introduce the Ghana government to new ways of home financing, establish a first of its kind ministry to the handicapped and disabled, provide food, clothing and clean water to the under-resourced, and, share the gospel to those who had never heard it.

By the Lord’s hand, William and I either independently or together during our friendship have survived coups, life threatening rip tides, bombs at the airport, hunger, persecution, strange sicknesses and a multitude of other inconveniences to bring the love of Christ to West Africa. Today’ mission is even more dangerous. We have answered the call to rural ministry to offset the murderous and tyrannical impact of Islam that is sweeping across the sub-Sahara. Our vision is to reach out in the name of Christ with food, clean water, clothing and the GOOD NEWS to the places the big churches won’t go. Both of us, now in our mid to late 60’s, count our risks as joy in bringing the full gospel to Ghana and West Africa. In Mark 16:15 Christ says, “Go you into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This old passport contains a lot of memories. Some of them were of laughter; some of danger; some of sorrow; some of great heart rendering moments; some of joy. It really contains a lot of my life, my beliefs, my dedication to Christ, the many adventures of my Great Commission Mission. It is my prayer that today you might be revived, become excited, be encouraged, be motivated to identify your mission and take action. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can grab onto this vision and reach out to others. There is a lot of suffering in the world. Mankind is not very kind to each other. Sometimes all it takes is a smile to share the love of Christ. Other times it’s more involved. Whatever it is, please be encouraged this day to do your good service unto the Lord. You will be blessed by blessing others.

Bill Wilson