Biden’s war on children

The month of June was spent celebrating lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, questioning and other nontraditional sexual orientations. White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki capped off the month-long celebration with a live stream on the White House Youtube on transgender equality. The hour and a half “convening” began with Psaki saying that President Biden believes that transgender rights are one of the most important civil rights movements of our lifetime. They primarily target children. The last letter in LGBTQ is “Q” for “questioning,” which is the mission—to confuse kids enough that they question their sexuality so they can be groomed and evangelized.

LGBTQ Nation’s website says the live stream is convened to “highlight the hopes, joys, and success of young transgender and nonbinary people across America.” Key word here is “young.” This is the target—young, meaning youth. Meaning minor children. Meaning your child or grandchild. LGBTQ+ activists are in the public schools with various anti-bullying programs and other social activities to evangelize minor children and groom them for sexual purposes. The Psaki live stream featured many speakers, including high school students. One of the speakers asked a rising junior in high school how she got enough courage to “go in front of the whole country and tell your story.” My point–If this was so positive and good, why would you need courage to talk about it?

And the deeper question—if everybody was so proud of their choice of sexual identity at such young ages, why are LGBTQ+ pre-teens and teens 70% more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual teens? Why do LGBTQ+ activists have to start organizations like the Trevor Project to prevent youth suicides within their own community? They will tell you it is because of non-acceptance, but the real story is far deeper. The fact is, this grooming and evangelizing of children by LGBTQ+ activists is sexual abuse and, in many cases, sexual assault. It must be stopped. But the Biden Administration and the LGBTQ+ activists are standing against Republican-led—and quite popular—child protection laws.

In fact, at a White House hosted Pride reception, Biden said, “These are some of the ugliest, most un-American bills I’ve seen and I’ve been here a long time.” Couple this promotion of sex in minor children with the willful lack of border control that results in huge numbers of sexual assaults and human trafficking of children, and one has to surmise that all this is intentional. As Paul wrote in Romans 1;32, “…they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Citizens must arise like those in Loudoun County, VA, who are standing firm against this war on children by challenging the school board. The shame and guilt perpetrated on these children by this horrible political agenda is at the bottom of the pre-teen and teen suicide rate. It is a war on children and it must be stopped.

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Bill Wilson