Stupidocrisy: Biden’s plan to end gun violence

Joe Biden’s violent crime speech last Wednesday was promoted for days as announcing wonderful reforms to end violent crime. It was the same old same old. He rambled on about how gun shop owners who sell people guns without a background check are at fault; how violent crime is not the fault of city leaders whose cities have strict gun controls because criminals can buy guns in neighboring cities and states; how people released from prison don’t have tax assisted mental and financial support so they turn to violent crime; how gun makers should be held responsible for gun-related deaths, and so on. Biden actually said that the 2ndAmendment limited the type of people who could own a gun. WHAT?

He is the leader of a political party that facilitated the early release of violent criminals from prison, released from jail illegal immigrants who committed violent crimes; open the borders to foreign drug and human trafficking gangs that commit violent crime; refuses to enforce the laws and prosecute perpetrators in cities where violent riots occur and businesses are destroyed; and defunded police departments or tied their hands from enforcing the law. Now crime has spiked tremendously, and Biden is blaming it on former President Trump. But it is in Democrat-run, stringent gun-controled cities and states where the violent crime has taken place—Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle—just to name a few.

Biden was asked by a reporter “Mr. President, what do you feel is the most effective thing that government can do to change the mindset of those who feel compelled to pull the triggers of these guns?” His response was incredible. He said, “By being engaged in a whole range of programs. We talked today–everything from mental health programs to engaging people early on and letting them know there is other options. Making sure that when a child is young, they have access to a real education, and they get started off on the right foot. Making sure that when someone gets out of prison, they’re not denied public housing, they don’t have to go back under the bridge where they were living before–that they’re able to get help for healthcare, et cetera, and reengaging them in the neighborhood, giving them some hope, some opportunity.”

Biden talked about holding people accountable, such as gun manufacturers, police, young children, and mental health workers—certainly not the criminal or the politicians that defund the police and make their jobs impossible. Most of all, Biden wants to hold you accountable because he wants you to pay for all the “wide range of programs,” incompetence and blame shifting. Imagine taking Biden’s approach with a criminal holding a gun on you. You ask, “Did you know there are other options?” or “Do you mind if I call a social worker to assist you?” Psalm 10:13 says, “Why do the wicked renounce God? He has said in his heart, “You will not require an account.” The wicked don’t fear God, and after hearing Biden’s plan against violent crime, the wicked know Biden and the liberals won’t hold them accountable. Say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson