The solution to violent crime

Democrats are taking heat for the uptick in homicides and crime. They need to be held accountable after decimating police forces in the cities they lead and going soft on criminals. Think about how many stories we have read about the Biden Administration and, quite frankly, Democratic state governors, releasing criminals back into society, only to see them back in court for even worse crimes. So now we have a problem of rising crime and the Democrats not wanting to take responsibility for the, quite frankly, stupid ideas they implemented without any concept of the consequences. Once again, it’s a gun problem. Their mantra: If we just take guns away from people, violent crime will cease. This is insane.

The cities and states with the most stringent gun controls this side of third world dictatorships have the highest violent crime rates, especially when they defund the police. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is only going to put those citizens at higher risk. It’s proven over and over again that criminals will have guns and they will use them. The idea of gun control and defunding police is a recipe for higher crime. Yet, we have the news media, liberal politicians and a President that insist the issue is one of guns. A western movie in the 60s once explained that a gun is neither evil or good, it’s the person using the gun that determines how that weapon is used. And therein is the problem.

Liberal politicians are high on control and low on accountability. Everybody has their excuse, their sad story as to why they are the way they are. Oh, they are poor so they can’t be held by the same standards. Oh, the standards were made by a white majority so others should not be held accountable to those standards. Oh, if guns weren’t available, there would be no gun crime. The same worn out excuses expecting a different result. But what are we to expect? Government schools are focused on teaching social victimization, sexual orientation, revisionist history and leftist politics cloaked as science instead of responsibility, accountability, good citizenship, discernment, along with reading, writing and arithmetic.

Want to reduce crime? Teach values instead of victimization. Teach respect for the law, and for those enforcing it. Teach people how to pull themselves out of poverty and help them do it, instead of blaming their situation on someone else and establishing generational welfare. What about bringing the Ten Commandments back to school and into the households? Exodus 20:12-17: Honor your father and your mother; Thou shalt not murder; Thou shalt not commit adultery; Thou shalt not steal; Thou shalt not bear false witness; and thou shalt not covet. All of these commandments are essential to preventing violent crime—all of them. Yet we have a bunch of politicians who want to ignore that character counts because they think the gun is the reason for the crime.

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Bill Wilson