Stupidocrisy: D-Day Heroes are Antifa Fighters

As America celebrated the miraculous achievement and heroics of its troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, The Lincoln Project and journalists from National Public Radio, Vox, The Washington Post, and elsewhere portrayed American GIs as noble Antifa fighters seeking to end fascism. This was not a comparison. These outlets were emphatically stating that American GIs on D-Day were the original Antifa, the terrorist group that today is fomenting communist revolution in the United States and other countries. The audacity of such a claim is so vile and disrespectful that words can barely describe it. The Lincoln Project, a PAC disgraced for shielding a child predator, went even further.

Against the backdrop of film footage of our fathers and grandfathers monumental and historic D-Day achievement, is the Lincoln Project fundraising video voiceover: “Who is Antifa? They stormed the beaches of Normandy, parachuted into the French countryside, and gave their lives to face down and fight back against fascism. They took down Nazi machine gun nests, tore apart the third Reich’s strongholds, liberated concentration camps, liberated France, Italy, Belgium, Holland. Anywhere Antifa saw fascism, they fearlessly and relentlessly annihilated it. Fascism was defeated because of patriots like these, proud Americans who knew that the fight against fascists was not simply a battle between opposing nations, it was a war against inhumanity, a war that isn’t nice, but cannot be lost, a war we still fight today.”

It’s beyond belief how anyone could usurp the sacrifice of American troops in fighting for freedom by claiming they were the terrorist traitors of Antifa–the Democratic Party’s modern day brownshirts. But you know, Joe Biden didn’t even recognize D-Day. Instead, Biden patted himself on the back in a self-serving video about remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921. His press secretary Jan Psaki fumbled for words when asked why Biden snubbed D-Day remembrance, concluding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more we would have to say on it.”  Since taking office, Biden has emphasized the flaws in American history over the successes and has aligned with the 1619 rewrite of history by emphasizing the importance of “systemic racism” to understanding the United States and its history.

This is how history gets rewritten with lies. The Lincoln Project and the 1619 Project twist American history for their visceral and tyrannical agendas. Sadly, children are taught them. Many adults believe them because they want to believe the bad about America. These lies are sown by politicians, educators, and those who wish to destroy everything good and right. As Proverbs 6:19 says is an abomination to the Lord, “A false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren.” That is their purpose. It is a sad day when a president fails to mention a harbinger of liberty accomplished by the greatest generation and his minions attempt to relabel them as modern day terrorists. Moreover, those who would believe these lies are living examples of…say it with me…stupidocrisy.

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Bill Wilson