Love knows no boundaries

On our free foodstuffs distribution program the week of May 30, we did something differently.
In order for the 32 parents and some 60 children alike who benefitted from the donations  to appreciate the “weight” of food packages we brought to serve them, we asked four children aged between three to ten years to lift any of the 32 packages.
One after the other, they all tried and failed to lift any of the packages!
Each package weighed 33 pounds and was stuffed with energy  building and protein providing foodstuffs that will serve each family for a week.
No such delivery had ever been made to any group of people in the entire Asamankese area where the distribution took place. Dressed in their colorful Sunday attires and wearing the broadest smiles, both parents and children came early to church and stayed for the distribution after church.
All were very grateful for the donations and the words of the local pastor who was the organizer summed up the gratitude of everyone. He said: We thank your ministry for this huge surprise we witnessed today! It’s never happened here before, and we are so grateful for it.
It took us close to six hours, on a return journey of some 100 miles, to deliver packages of love to the needy. One of our volunteers even travelled over 187 miles to join us.
Interestingly, the donations were also made possible with support from our ministry partners in the US, half away across the world. Love indeed knows no boundaries and can travel far to express itself! 1 John 4:8 points it all out: “He that loves not knows not God; for God is love.”

Bill Wilson

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