Of insurrections and coups

Democrats in Congress are considering erecting a statue, complete with their narrative, honoring the Capitol Hill police officer that died during the “violent insurrection” of January 6. The officer, however, tragically died of natural causes, not because of the “violent rebellion.” To hear the extreme leftist media and Democratic Party leadership tell it, there was a violent attempt to overthrow the United States government when unarmed protesters got out of hand, broke into the Capitol and were taking selfies with the statues in the rotunda. Yeah, a real violent insurrection that was. While it was ill-advised and in poor judgment, it is nothing like the coup that is being done before your very eyes.

After four years of hammering President Donald Trump with every accusation possible from election collusion with Russia to violating the ethics of the office with Ukraine to just about every wrongdoing possible—all of which was proven false after spending millions of taxpayer dollars and wasted time with hearings and investigations, the Democratic Party got a break. COVID caused a lockdown of businesses and people like never before in history. Quarantining healthy people for the first time in history. Using fear to destroy a booming economy, sending elderly to their early deaths, and allowing anarchists and race rioters to burn and loot major cities at will, the extreme left stood in the breech to foment a socialist coup.

Every time they accused their opponents of something horrible, it was revealed that it was the accuser doing exactly what they were accusing others of doing. Trump spying on Democrats/Democrats actually spied on Trump; Trump mistreating women/Democrats actually sexually assaulting women; Republicans are racists/Democrats actually demonstrating racism; False accusations about the election/Democrats actually trying to pass legislation to institute the very things that make it easy to cheat. If January 6 was a violent insurrection, the actions of the Democratic Party leadership are no less a deceptive coup to remake America into a socialist nation. Let it also be said that many Republican leaders are participating. It is a disgrace and a betrayal of not only the American ideal, but also the intent of the Constitution.

There is a tremendous redistribution of wealth going on right now because of the policies of the Biden Administration. Paying people to not work, and by doing so, essentially establishing a guaranteed minimum income; Using COVID to justify school closings, population control, and record government spending and government growth; Trying to institute reeducation programs in public schools that change history and demonize white children; the list goes on and on. This is a distinct coup against God and God’s principles by replacing them with humanism. The first commandment in Exodus 20:3 says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” America was not designed to survive with government as god and a political party acting like god. It is time for all of us to take a stand for God and country. Just saying.

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