Biden advancing Iran at expense of US, Israel

The Biden Administration is insisting on reviving the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran—you know, the deal that kicked the nuke can down the alley and actually funded Iran’s nuclear ambitions by sending Iran $1.7 billion in cash, $400 million of it on pallets in a cargo plane. President Trump, calling it the worse deal in history, pulled out and put sanctions on the nuke-cheating country. Now Joe Biden is racing back to the deal that will help Iran attain nuclear weapons, and he is pressuring other countries in Europe and Asia to lift sanctions and pay the sanction money to Iran. Meantime, an envoy from Israel is on its way to Washington to try to talk some sense to Biden and his band of Iranian extremist sympathizers.

When asked if the Israeli delegation is likely to change the administration’s position in rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, Press Secretary Jan Psaki replied, “No.” She then said that the administration is keeping the Israelis “abreast as a key partner of these discussions, which she claimed were “ongoing” and “indirect” toward “the potential for a diplomatic path forward on the new, on a nuclear deal.” One might ask just how Israel can be a key partner in the discussions when the discussions are indirect, ongoing, and that Israel needs to be kept abreast of them. It seems that a key partner is someone who is involved in the discussions and decision-making. Maybe the question is answered by yet another twist.

Former Obama Secretary of State and current Biden National Security Council “Climate Envoy” John Kerry surfaced in the news as an informant to Iran. The story broke out of England by the news outlet Iran International saying it received an audio file with a brief sentence from [Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif, where, in complaining he is kept in the dark about Iran’s national security issues, he asks rhetorically, “Should Kerry tell me that Israel has conducted more than 200 attacks [air strikes] against us in Syria?” Zarif does not say whether Kerry made the remark during his tenure as secretary of state or after the Trump administration took office, concluding, “This would make a big difference if Kerry were to stand accused of divulging intelligence to Zarif.”

The White House denies that Kerry divulged any secret information about Israel to Iran. The State Department says it won’t comment on whether Kerry gave the Iranians any classified information about Israeli airstrikes in Syria. The entire Biden-Iran policy and recent actions, including Kerry’s chummy galivanting under the guise of Climate Envoy, is looking like this administration is repeating the Obama-era placating of the world’s most prolific sponsor of terrorism, AND that it doesn’t mind if Iran has nuclear weapons. In Zechariah 12:9 the Lord says, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” The Biden policies of aiding Iran and its hate of America and Israel will have no good outcome for any of us, although it advances the prophecy clock for the Day of the Lord.

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Bill Wilson