The Third World War

In America, many are struggling with the very real threat of socialist expansion. Day in and day out, we are bombarded by the war of rhetoric between political sides. It is a fight over the very destiny of this nation. There is, however, another fight that is taking place, and to those who are in the midst of it, it is a life or death struggle. As we are immersed in our own national situation, it may be a helpful spiritual perspective for us to, at least for a moment, consider the life and death situation of others. Ministry partner Pastor William Agbeti in Ghana, West Africa reports that “The fight against COVID-19 is more or less mankind’s Third World War.” It has caused survival challenges far beyond the virus in impoverished areas.

Agbeti reports: “At the forefront of this war are not only professionals, but also a new breed of warriors. This breed includes some 20 volunteers of our ministry. These are a selfless, unassuming, unperturbed group of dedicated young men and women, stationed in various underserved communities across Ghana, who are ensuring that the pandemic leaves no one hungry. They have placed their lives on the line in the midst of the pandemic to distribute free food packages to struggling families. So far, food aid distributed by them since the onset of COVID-19, has benefited approximately 4500 individuals. They are serving with great passion, characterized by a sense of urgency and a clear purpose in mind–to send help to persons who will otherwise be going to bed on empty stomachs!

“Unbelievably, these are poor folks who also need help! There is yet another grave danger that confronts our ministry’s volunteers in the particular location where our food distribution programs are held—Islamic aggression. Islamist gangs, often part of the Boko Haram terror network, forcefully and illegally take their land from them, placing them at the risk of becoming displaced in society. Such developments are happening as our gallant volunteers share the love of God to many, so none would go to bed hungry or die as a result of avoidable hunger! They, therefore, not only risk their lives distributing food during the pandemic, but also risk their homes and property to Islamic bandits when they are ministering to others. This adds political and legal burdens to their lives.

“A Worldometer live feed on global statistics on hunger estimates about 28,000 die of hunger every day. In our own small ways, we try to reduce this figure. The families and children served during COVID are blessed with their food needs met for at least a week. This is possible because of our donors and a small group of dedicated volunteers. Together, their actions can be likened to the vision in Joel 2:28: “And it shall come to pass afterward, [that] I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” Our donors and Volunteers no doubt have God’s spirit poured upon their flesh and with their actions they are prophesying that many will not die of hunger.”  That is a great vision and a noble cause, even in light of our situation here in America.


Bill Wilson