The Force

The passage of the $1.9 TRILLION COVID relief bill without one Republican vote is just the beginning of the one-party tyranny as a powerful force that will change this country, perhaps forever. Reminiscent of socialist healthcare, the COVID relief further entrenches socialistic government and institutionalizes the ongoing shakedown of your hard earned tax money to give to people who do not earn their own money. In short, if you have money, the government is going to take it away from you—not for worthy causes, but to institutionalize socialism as the new American government. The Democrats are not interested in unifying the country under true bipartisanship, but rather changing the nation into their party’s image.

The optic is not lost that on the eve of the final COVID relief vote, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin formally extended deployment of the National Guard at the US Capitol for another two months, well past the March 12 deadline for the troops to leave. In addition, the razor wire-topped fence surrounding the Capitol will remain. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats are fearing “possible threats of violence.” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby justified the action by doing the political hack double talk, saying, “It’s not just about a threat assessment, it’s about assisting and supporting capabilities that the Capitol Police may now lack and may need to look at improving.”

How long that will take is anybody’s guess. And it is beginning to look a lot like a Congress so unpopular and so extreme that it feels it needs to conduct its business behind armed guard and razor wire. Certainly, when the first act of this Congress is to ram through the biggest socialist money disbursement in history without one bipartisan vote, it is a harbinger of what is to come. When Congress gets to the entire voter reform package where it will solidify and legalize some of the tactics used to cheat elections, Congress will become even more unpopular. Then there also looms over the people the entire gender legislation in the name of equality that will change how our children are taught about what sex they think they are. With each bill, there will be more socialist cookies extending their tentacles into your life.

The people between the coasts and the borders are going to be pretty upset about these extreme and radical laws being forced through with only show-trial debate and pro forma votes. Yet, with one party rule, a party with extreme socialist leanings, it is a force with which to be reckoned. And just in case the people impacted by these extreme and radical laws get riled up, the National Guard and razor wire are standing by to make sure nobody gets out of line. America, the most developed nation in the world, is looking like a coup-ridden third world communist regime where government is god and the people be damned. And if you speak against it, you are labeled unspeakable words. Romans 21:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Let us find a way to meet the evil force of radicalism with the force of God.

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Bill Wilson