As the haters hate

Have you ever noticed how those who accuse others of being haters are the biggest haters? From the time that President Trump was inaugurated in January 2016, we saw women out protesting in vagina hats, saying stuff like they wanted to blow up the White House and how bigoted, misogynistic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist President Trump and his supporters were. Yet those were the very same people who kept saying that we needed to have unity and the world should be kind and loving to one another. They were, as it turns out, the biggest peddlers of bigotry, the biggest violators of women’s rights, the example of hate for the world to see. And today, they continue this disgusting behavior.

Really. It’s time to expose them for what they are. Haters. They say that everybody else hates. They label everybody who disagrees with them as the worst people in the world, deserving of censorship, of not being allowed to have a job, or eat in a restaurant—wow, they sound just the Democrats of the Jim Crow days. Yet, they are the ones calling for world peace. Quite frankly, I’m talking about the visceral expressed by politicians, left-leaning corporate bosses, and, of course, the biggest haters—Hollywood elites. There has been no better example of their hate than what they have been saying as they gleefully celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s death. How disrespectful and lacking of decency and character.

CNN said Limbaugh symbolized division. Many liberals took to Twitter to mock Limbaugh in death. One Michigan elected official laughed about it. CNBC labeled him incendiary. Hollywood celebrities—you know, the pretty people always advocating for world peace—said cancer killed the cancer, wished Limbaugh to rest in “piss”, rot in purgatory, a practitioner of the big lie, he spent his life spewing hate and lies, they wished him hell and pitied the devil for having to spend eternity with Rush, only white supremacy mourns his death, one bigot dead, waiting for the rest to join him, called him a Nazi, a pig, having zero redeeming qualities, and he brought a lot of people joy by dying.

Can you imagine? These are the people who pine for love and peace, yet they can’t even remotely respect someone who has died of cancer. And really, it’s because Rush disagreed with their nonsense and hypocrisy. One can disagree without spewing hate. Rush Limbaugh was a human being. He loved his family. He treated others fairly and decently. He was humorous. And probably most of these haters never heard a word he broadcast. They are what is wrong with this world. They are the privileged. The elite. Those who made their money selling themselves, not their ideas, but themselves. And they are demonstrating their tremendous lack of character. They are as described in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” We know it when it exposes itself as it has with these people.

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Bill Wilson