Presidents’ Day Conviction

Presidents’ Day was celebrated for the first time as an official holiday in 1879 to commemorate America’s first President George Washington, which was held on his birthday, February 22. The Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1971 changed the date of the holiday to the third Monday of each February, and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is February 12 was added to the honor. Both those presidents are now being disparaged by the “cancel” crowd because Washington owned slaves and Lincoln for his treatment of Native Americans. What people don’t really seem to understand is that humans are flawed. We all fall short of the glory of God. History reminds us of past mistakes or successes. It is necessary to progress.

It is no coincidence that the impeachment trial of President, now citizen, Donald Trump came on the eve of Presidents’ Day. The communist-style show trial ended in acquittal as did the first show trial of “trumped” up charges against Trump. The impeachment of Trump actually began just before he took office when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton drummed up fake evidence, which was paid for by Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, to get a secret FISA Court warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. Over four years later with constant media, entertainment industry, and Democratic Party attacks and scores of millions of taxpayer dollars spent, the political assassination moves on with yet another impeachment without conviction.

The word “conviction” is pretty powerful here. While the Democrats wasted all that time and taxpayer money without a conviction, it is also indicative of their conviction of will. The single conviction of obstructing Trump and removing him from office cost America a lot. It cost America decency. It cost America goodwillI cost America in terms of dividing the nation, dividing friends, and dividing even families—daughters and sons, husbands and wives. This was a clear demonstration of the conviction of those who care more about their power, their erroneous idea that they are right no matter what, of their intolerance and bigotry—the very things of which they accuse their opponents.

The cancel culture against the Presidency is no less a movement to destroy representative government. It is also an attack on Judeo-Christian values and the Creator himself. How so? Because these same people are trying to also redefine God into their own mold of sexual identity, science, creation, infanticide, climate, freedom, and so on. They wish to cancel God because his Word is not in alignment with their beliefs. As you ponder Presidents’ Day, understand that the conviction of those who received no conviction is a strong conviction against the one true God. As is written in 1 Timothy 2:5, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” Yet there is conviction to cancel him.

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Bill Wilson