Stupidocrisy: Walls and Masks

This week’s Stupidocrisy award goes to President Joe Biden*. First, for those questioning why the * after the President’s name, the asterisk is something used when records are made despite whether they are legitimately obtained. For example, if a sprinter sets a record in conditions where he was aided by the wind, there may be an asterisk following the name. Joe Biden may well have won the presidency, HOWEVER, cases are still making their way through the courts that may dispute that victory. Until it is proven by legitimate investigation or decided by the Supreme Court, this journalist will put an asterisk after the Biden name. But I digress. Let’s talk about walls and masks.

One of the first acts of Biden was to issue an executive order halting the border wall. The Washington Post says Biden will save $2.6 billion by stopping the border wall. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told The Epoch Times that stopping border wall construction would cost “billions of dollars” and over 5,000 jobs. The Washington Times reports that American taxpayers pay $200 billion each year in illegal immigration costs. This does not include the cost of illegal drugs on our youth, and the cost to education and health care. Notwithstanding, Biden’s wall around the Capitol, says the Pentagon, already has cost taxpayers about half a billion dollars. On one hand, Biden wants no wall for illegals entering the country, on the other hand he wants a big wall to keep citizens away from their representative government.

So Biden stops the border wall, signaling to legions that America is open once again for anybody who wants to come, prompting Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) to apply some of his farm-boy common sense to the situation. The 87-year-old Grassley, still sharp as a tack, tweeted “Can’t fly into USA w/o showing negative test for virus but Pres Biden will let ppl who illegally walked across the border do so w/o testing. Is that protecting our citizens?” Yep, Senator, you got it right. No wall. No mask. No worries. You can come to America illegally. You can even come here as part of a human trafficking effort and officials are instructed to look the other way (kids will be with “families” whether they are family or not), and you don’t have to wear a mask. But if you legally come into the country, you must wear a mask and have a negative test.

On federal property, a mask is a must. Biden says everybody should wear a mask, but he doesn’t have to and neither do illegals coming into the country—future Democratic Party voters, you know. The CDC, fearing super spreader events, issued Super Bowl party guidelines requiring masks, not using the bathroom, and not cheering—in your own house. So walls are a good thing if they protect the elite, but a bad thing if they protect the country. Masks are good for everyone except illegals and the political elite. Confused yet? We know 1 Corinthians 14:33, “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace.” We also know who is authoring all those wall and mask orders. Just saying.

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Bill Wilson