Righting a listing nation

President Trump signed into law the $2.3 Trillion COVID Relief and Spending bill. What’s another $2.3 Trillion among friends, right? The window dressing on this socialist venture is that the president can go back to Congress and demand that wasteful spending be removed from the bill, that voter fraud be investigated and looking into holding liable big tech companies for content censoring. It also was agreed that every person receive $2,000 and $5,200 for a family of four to offset financial difficulty experienced because of COVID. I know I’m going to get a lot of pushback from this, but the president should have never signed this bill. It is just another gear-tooth locked into socialism and godlessness.

Many Americans are angry and upset that Democrat bureaucrats and Democrat-majority court systems in swing states have suppressed evidence of changing election laws without the consent of the legislators in those states. Many more Americans are troubled by reports of widespread voter fraud while media, politicians and court systems refuse to even consider the evidence of such. Still Americans are distraught about ongoing lockdowns, privacy invasion, and the possibility of being forced to take an unproven vaccination for the COVID flu. All these issues, and Congress elects to throw untold billions at foreign interests while providing so-called stimulus checks to businesses and individuals. It is untold billions because the bill itself is nearly 6,000 pages. Who really knows what is in it?

Point is: Americans truly no longer have a say in their nation’s business. We are not confident that our votes count. Quasi-elected officials break the law by changing it on their own and suffer absolutely no consequences. And the politicians we ostensibly vote into office just spend money they don’t have, give businesses and individuals a little money, and send the rest overseas to who knows what purpose. This, my brothers and sisters, is nothing short of socialism. It crosses the lines. We are no longer a Constitutional Republic except in name. The Congress is out of control. The Courts are out of control. Government accountability is out of control. Have we lost what it is to be American? Have we lost what it is to be Christian? It is one thing to say that we are Americans or Christians, it is still another to actually live it.

We have become such a large nation of diverse interests, that socialism is welcomed by many. Many say they are Christian, but their deeds say otherwise, and their doctrines and beliefs belie the tenets of the faith. The two together have created a difficult situation. As we look toward 2021, we need to do a deep self-reflection of what we believe it means to be an American and a Christian, and begin to speak and act as such. Otherwise, the nation has no moral, ethical or fiscally responsible compass. As Christ said in Luke 12:48, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.” The ultimate gift of salvation comes with responsibility–showing love and respect, holding accountability, and leading others as Christ would have us lead. Only then can we right a listing nation and people.

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Bill Wilson