4,000 Fed

By Pastor William Agbeti
and Bill Wilson
Each week Pastor William Agbeti sends me pictures of those whom our ministry provides with food. We see the smiling faces with momentary joy knowing they and their families have food for yet another week. But we also know that looming deep down inside is the thought about where the next meal might come from when this food is gone. I’ve seen children, whose clothes hang on them for lack of sustenance, eat a small portion of the meal we provide and take the rest home for their families. Every little bit helps. Since March, we have provided meals for a week for over 4,200 people in underserved rural areas.
It’s difficult for us to fathom that we might not eat for days. Not because we can’t or don’t work, but because the work we do doesn’t pay enough for regular meals and there aren’t additional jobs to do to make up the difference. Many of the folks in the rural areas of Ghana are in that situation. There is no welfare or food stamps. And try as they might, there is also no extra work. So they learn to live on small amounts of food each week. William and I have often talked about that feeling when the stomach meets the backbone.
I have come to the point in my life where the sufferings of others affects
me deeply. It wounds my soul. And that’s why I do what I do. And I know that it is the same for William, who grew up the very same way—without food for days at a time. He was industrious enough to find a way. To do so even to ease the suffering of others. That’s one of the reasons I love him.
Sometimes William livestreams the feeding programs from the rural areas. When I see men, women, and children who come late when we are out of food and they have none, my heart breaks.
As we share our holiday meals, or any meal for that matter, please give it a thought about those who would eat a week with what we have on one plate. Thank you for remembering them. As brothers and sisters in Christ, if one suffers we all suffer. Thank you for standing with us in lovingkindness and prayer for these brothers and sisters, and for helping make it possible to provide small miracles of food, clothing and clean water.

Bill Wilson