The lesson of the communist pig’s milk

There is a prevailing mindset among politicians in America that the government must provide everything for everybody, except those who are culturally cancelled. Take for instance the most recent COVID relief bill—5,593 action packed pages of pork, most of which doesn’t have anything to do with COVID, and everything to do with an uninterrupted flow of breastmilk from what has become a growing communist pig. Yes, not communist in the sense of secret killings, concentration camps, a one-party system and jack-boot tyranny, but communist in the form of soft tyranny, group think, mass propagandization, and little by little the “free” government sustenance as provided by wealth redistribution.

Congress passed a $600 payment relief for Americans, and sent millions overseas in foreign aid. President Trump said that was an insult to the American people and suggested an increase in relief to $2,000. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) jumped on the idea to spend more money, saying she could get that extra $1,400, tweeting: “Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!” Unanimous consent is politician-speak for not taking a recorded vote—everybody just says “aye” or “nay” and the “aye’s” have it even if the “nay’s” are louder—kind of like what the democrats did for the presidential election.

With the national debt soaring toward $28 TRILLION with each taxpayer’s share over $220,000, ‘gotta wonder where all this COVID and other money is coming from? Chinese payoffs—no that goes directly into the Biden family trust; Russian payoffs? No, that all goes into the Clinton Foundation and the Bide family trust–—just kidding, I think. No, really someday it will all catch up with us, like it did when President Reagan drove the Soviet Union into bankruptcy in the arms race. The Soviet Union collapsed financially and there wasn’t much left of its social infrastructure to remain a nation. These communists in Congress are spending our tax dollars as if there is no end to them. And they are locking down our businesses due to COVID. Sure, it makes great sense to exchange our business or job for $2,000.

As is said in Jeremiah 6:14, “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” Take heed. Do not be deceived. America is on a bad track and you and I need to pray and act. Sometime, somebody has to pay up. The politicians make us feel good by voting more of our money to go somewhere. Pelosi, the head sow, is giddy. “Icing on the cake,” she probably thinks. When it’s really lipstick on the pig. Sucking the teat of the communist pig is dangerous for all Americans because that pig is growing bigger and stronger as it robs the piglets of their ability to grow up and be healthy. The communist pig gives a little milk while hogging the entire manger from its litter. And sometimes she just rolls over and smashes her piglets.

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Bill Wilson