We need to know the Truth

As we approach Christmas and the deadline for electors to choose the president, we as Americans, are faced with extraordinary and unprecedented times. These are times when we are told repeatedly that there is no evidence of election fraud, yet there are many documented reports saying there has been massive chicanery going on with the election. Ballots hauled in and counted in the early hours of the morning. Machines manipulated by algorithms. State bureaucrats unilaterally changing election laws to allow illegal mail-in voting. Each one of these facts are disputed by the news media and by Democrat and some Republican operatives. Yet, they call into question the very legitimacy of the presidency.

Before any electoral vote certification, We the People need to have some answers. It is not about politics, it’s about truth. Our most fundamental constitutional right as a free people is the vote. If we don’t have honest elections, we don’t have freedom. Why even vote? They say there is no evidence of election fraud. What about those ballots that suddenly appeared  and were counted hours after the polls closed?  Why is my vote cancelled out by illegal mail-in ballots? Why did bureaucrats in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia change the voting laws without consent of the legislature? What about the massive documented flaws in the voting machines?

Voting machines with connections to China? Who else is connected to China? Why is the National intelligence report on foreign election influence delayed? Is this the deep state again? We have a right to know. Over 74 million citizens voted for president Trump, more than any president in history. Joe Biden received over 81 million votes—outpolling any previous president, even Barack Obama, by 15 million votes. Were legitimate votes cancelled out by illegal mail-in votes, and foreign-controlled voting machines? Patriot Thomas Paine once wrote: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” This election shocks my soul. This election tries my conscience. These are indeed unprecedented times.

On Christmas 244 years ago, a small band of patriots led by George Washington boldly crossed the Delaware River. Heavily outnumbered and mostly armed with only their faith and their love of freedom, these brave souls put into motion the defeat of the most powerful force then known to man, the deepest of the deep state, a globalist power. Today, another bold move is needed to preserve and defend what it is to be an American. In the course of human events, when there are forces against life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; when our freedom is at stake, we must cross that mighty river again, armed with our faith and love of freedom. It is time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country. Demand Truth. Know Truth. As Christ said in John 8:32, “the truth shall make your free.” The Truth will keep you free, too.

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Bill Wilson