A prophetic warning about political solutions

Everybody is looking for a solution to the current situation with the presidential election. There will be a political and legal solution. Many will not like it. Some will. But the bottom line is that what we value as a Constitutional Republic has been morphed into some socialist hybrid over the years. The Republic is no longer, nor has it been for decades, a Republic in the eyes of the Founders. There has been a long, slippery slope of the government becoming the provider and enslaver of the poor, the enabler of the rich, the mediator of the cunning, and the arbitrator of the moral. For many, government has already replaced God. And when we are looking for solutions, government seems to be the first place to go.

People get all riled up when they are challenged that a dictator, from any political viewpoint, is still a dictator and must not be entrusted to “fix” what is broken. “Oh,” they say, “We are going to have a civil war. The enemy is the Democrats and Socialists.” That’s exactly what the Democrats and Socialists have been saying—only conservatives and Christians are the enemy. And guess what? They have already declared a civil war and have been fighting it fiercely with the help of corporate media giants and allies in Russia and China. The casualties are obvious to some—we can’t even hold a fair election. People are so confused by the lack of truth that they can’t make a common sense decision.

But the casualties are even worse. People are dependent on government. They are addicted to propaganda. They wring their hands over every move the politicians make. They live and breath political intolerance—on all sides of the political spectrum. They practice ideological bigotry—if someone disagrees with someone’s views, they are seen as enemies, not fellow humans. Nobody trusts anybody. Everyone is looking for solutions, but unwilling to sit and reason because of mutual distrust, lack of respect and, quite frankly, hate for fellow man. No longer is the solution to problems found when the crucible of ideas from respectful dialogue is poured out onto the problem. There is no generation of dialogue, respectful or otherwise, to fill the crucible of ideas. Do you really want a solution?

The “church” should abandon its self-indulgent, emotional and extra-biblical response to society and teach without judgment the precepts of God, and that will change things. But it will take time because the “church” has abrogated its authority to a government that provides what the “church” once did, robbing both the “church” and the recipients of the manifest blessings of the Lord. Jeremiah 6:16 says, “Thus says the LORD: “Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’” If we will not walk in it, hate and persecution will greet us on this current path. In the absence of the Lord, solutions are but vapor feeding a soulless hoard that is never satisfied. The solution begins with seeking the Lord, not political solutions, and taking action.

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Bill Wilson