The media’s ideological censorship

A brief analysis of the news media indicates an extraordinary blackout of events that do not support the collective narrative. Report after report on the mainstream outlets treat President Trump’s efforts on election fraud in the most general terms, qualifying their reports using words like “baseless,” “unfounded,” “undocumented,” and “providing no evidence.” If you were unaware of what specifically was occurring in the various states regarding election fraud challenges, you would only know that a president who lost the election was challenging those results with no evidence on which to base the challenges. It is one-sided editorialization of news and, quite frankly, weaponized propaganda.

At the very least, news operations should be covering the specific efforts of challenges to the election because it is important to the ongoing success of the American form of representative government. There has been fraud occurring in elections since the beginning of the Republic, but today it has reached critical mass. State officials changed election laws without the consent of the legislators who made those laws, and in violation of the respective state’s constitutions. Voter rolls are outdated and contain huge numbers of deceased and illegal voters. Computerized voting is not proven to be accurate. All these items need to be thoroughly reported to foster reform, but the news media sticks to its story of “nothing to see here.”

Many conservative media are trying to inform the public by covering the election fraud challenges. Even so, their reach is a drop in the bucket compared with CNN, or other major outlets. Additionally, the stories they post online are triaged by the corporate media search engines and they do not always appear on initial searches. This is like burying front page news in the lifestyle section of the daily newspaper. For example, Breitbart’s lead story is that Texas has filed a lawsuit at the US Supreme Court challenging that Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania violated the Electors Clause of the US Constitution because the states changed election laws by executive action.

Other than small news sites that cited the Breitbart story, there is no coverage of this court filing. This could mean that Breitbart was wrong and the filing didn’t happen or that other news outlets just didn’t cover it. Either way, it is an example of the censorship that is occurring. It is not official government censorship, but it is ideological censorship by the very people who are supposed to be reporting the news. In an age where information travels so fast and freely, those who claim to be guardians of truth are choking out truth, leaving the citizenry ignorant and in darkness. Let us pray a Luke 8:17 prayer over the media, “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”


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Bill Wilson