Doing more harm than good

There are many headlines this morning about attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell double-crossing President Trump in Georgia by urging voters to boycott the runoffs that will determine control of the US Senate. Both urged Georgia voters not to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff until the election can be proven to be honest. Wood, a long time Democrat who is working with Powell to prove election fraud in the 2020 Presidential race, said, “Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election, for god’s sake! Fix it! You gotta fix it!” This is the context of an election double-cross because Wood and Powell are working against election fraud for Trump, but their advice may give Senate control to democrats.

Herein is the issue: Georgians can boycott the election in protest of election fraud and by doing so help elect candidates that put the Senate in control of Democrats. Georgians can go ahead and vote in the election and help maintain the Senate control by Republicans. In this situation, where Senate control hangs in the balance, boycotting an election is a principled stand with dire consequences. Turning Senate control over to the Democrats means that if Trump somehow wins reelection, his every move will be blocked by partisan party politics. It is even likely that he would be removed from office by another impeachment. If Trump does not return to office, Democratic Party control of the Senate is an open highway to socialism with Joe Biden as President.

These are the types of consequences we face with politics. A few percentage points of voters voted for the Libertarian candidate for President, which in some states may have turned the balance against Trump. They did so based on their principles. Same goes for those who felt they couldn’t vote for Trump because of his so-called “lack of character and bombastic tweets.” But the result of this type of thinking is counterproductive to the nation, and to you as an individual citizen. To guarantee election of a candidate or a political party that would be counter to everything you believe because you can’t vote for someone who has a few faults that go against your beliefs seems to be legalistic and self-destructive.

I understand what Wood and Powell are trying to say—best to fix what is broken than to allow it to continue. Problem is, the “fix” is not boycotting an election when doing so is highly detrimental to everyone in America. The “fix” is to expose election fraud now and adjust the results accordingly, then work very hard to place accountability into the system so it is truly fixed and the American voters have confidence in election integrity. Once again, however, the media is using Wood and Powell to drive a wedge, confuse and divide people. Trouble is, Wood and Powell gave them the opportunity. Proverbs 17:28 says, “Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” Wood and Powell should be careful that they don’t do more harm than good. So should we all.

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Bill Wilson