The present darkness

There are so many reports about election fraud and counter reports that there is no evidence of election fraud that the main report is confusion. Many political agendas are in the mix, and unfortunately, this election fraud quagmire is about power not making your vote count. The problem with this particular election, in part, is whether “We the People” had much of a say with our vote. If we are diligent enough to educate and inform ourselves about the candidates and the issues and then cast a vote, we expect that our civic duty has some weight. This election, however, is showing us that corporate media, political party shenanigans, and crooked systems disenfranchised all our votes.

This must stop otherwise we have no Constitutional Republic. If the winning candidate is determined, not by votes, but by power politics after the vote, then we have an oligarchy or worse. Currently, about half the people in America are confident that the election system is systemically flawed. They have no trust that their vote was properly counted or that others’ votes were even legal. Judges are reluctant to rule that there is widespread voter fraud because of the very fact that admitting it and overturning an election because of it, undermines the foundation of our nation’s very existence as a free society governed by elected representatives and held accountable by the rule of law.

Currently, the presidential election is in the hands of lawyers and judges. It will likely go to the US Supreme Court. While that is the best chance of President Trump winning the election, it is not the best chance for Americans to win confidence in the election system. Democratic President-in-waiting Joe Biden is silent on the situation, releasing names of those he will offer as cabinet members and announcing policy changes—as if this is a normal transition period. It is not. And if he cared anything about the future of this nation, the moral and political weight of the office, and the enfranchisement of every voter now and in the future, Biden would join Trump in demanding that election fraud accusations are resolved.

Now there are legal challenges and politically-appointed judges doing their political deeds and translating laws through their political lenses. Biden, who benefits from the massive last-minute votes that came in his favor, hasn’t a bit of statesman in him. He should demand a fair election free of fraud. This will not happen though, because power is more seductive than righteousness in the eyes of the unrighteous. For example, the governors of California and New York are already defying the Supreme Court’s ruling on religious freedom. As Isaiah 59:13 says, “In transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood”—this is the mantra of the present darkness that our nation is experiencing. But light overcomes darkness.

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Bill Wilson