Election fraud news conference—media scoffs

The news conference by the Trump Campaign led by Former New York City mayor Rudi Giuliani with attorneys Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis opened a Pandora’s Box of extreme issues orbiting the election results. If even a small fraction of the legal case outlined by Giuliani is true, America is in a crisis where the Democratic Party has attempted to steal the election, moreover an attempted coup. Second, the news media solidified its complicity with the Democrat narrative by digging in that the Trump team still has produced “no evidence” to back its “baseless” claims of election fraud, despite hundreds of affidavits—court admissible evidence—to the contrary. We are, indeed, in perilous times.

Giuliani, Powell and Ellis outlined the case that massive and intentional election fraud took place across America, notably in the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico and, quite possibly, Virginia. Over 200 affidavits have been signed as admissible evidence that poll watchers were instructed to count ballots multiple times, count unregistered and unsigned mail-in and absentee ballots multiple times, and that election officials in Democratic strongholds—under the instruction of Dominion Voting Services representatives—uploaded illegitimate ballots for Joe Biden by the tens of thousands, trashed ballots marked for Trump, and allowed ballots found in garbage bags to be counted multiple times. One has to suspend disbelief to even begin to digest the depth of what is documented.

Moreover, Powell and Giuliani reviewed how Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software were developed to ensure election of communist dictator Hugo Chavez in Argentina and used in various countries in South America and in Europe to throw elections. Giuliani pressed the assertion that Michigan’s Democratic officials knew that Dominion was sending American citizen’s votes to Spain and Germany to be tallied, yet did nothing to prevent it. Giuliani estimates that Trump won landslide victories in the contested swing states. Powell said that there were so many votes for Trump in Michigan and Pennsylvania that it overwhelmed the algorithm that was changing votes for Biden at a specified ratio. She said that this is why the machines had to be shut down, implying that the vote totals needed to be manipulated manually.

Giuliani stated that with just the illegitimate votes from mail-in ballots and unqualified ballots, Trump wins the election. He took the media to task for refusing to report on the story, to the detriment of the American people and the nation itself. Media questions after the news conference were as uninformed and ignorant as I have seen in my lifetime. The media believes the left’s narrative and will consider no other perspective. Their headlines ridicule Giuliani’s hair dye, his baseless claims, and mock his remarks about communism and so on. Several “news” stories outright said Giuliani presented no evidence to back the previously proven false claims. This is historic. As in Isaiah 59:14, “For truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter,” the biggest barricade to the truth is the media, which is supposed be working to expose truth.


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Bill Wilson