Stealing Elections–a longstanding progressive tradition

On November 7, 2016, The Daily Jot warned of voting machine fraud. It was a story that could have been written today, Here is the report: “There has been much circulating the Internet this year about voter fraud. There are videos that actually show voter machines changing votes from Republican to Democrat. There are also reports of dead people voting, illegals voting, and felons voting. Alas, the Progressives (translated communists) have progressed this country so well that stealing elections is one sure way to advance the cause. They have applied enough political pressure to do away with the paper ballot. Thus we have voter machines that electronically record and tally your votes.

By early indications, votes are already being stolen, but the progressives laugh and roll their eyes about these charges, dismissing them as wild conspiracy theories. Across the country there has been documentation where people have cast their votes early, but the voter machines keep counting for the Democratic candidate when the people have actually voted for the Republican. Elections officials say the machines are operating properly, but may need to be “re-calibrated.” In other words, if a voter catches these machines malfunctioning, which apparently have been programed in favor of Democrats, they need to be reported and “re-calibrated.” Question is: how many early votes were stolen before someone was observant enough to notice that the machine did not correctly record their vote?

How do we know any machine correctly records the vote? The fact is, we don’t. In the days when we had paper ballots, even machines punching paper ballots, at least we knew that our vote was our vote. Of course, the Progressives used the “hanging chad” issue to switch things in their favor–to electronic voting machines. Now what happens if just one vote per precinct is stolen electronically? One vote per precinct would have elected Richard Nixon over John F Kennedy. The same with Al Gore over George W Bush. As it was, Gore won the popular vote and Bush won the electoral college. So voting machines could make more of a difference in this election than you might think. In the last presidential election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) thought it was a problem.

In 2012, the RNC wrote a letter to Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller pointing out how machines are not recording the correct vote. Miller called the claims “irresponsible and unfortunate” and defended the voting machines. Miller said the claims “undermine the public’s confidence in the electoral process.” DUH!  Nothing has really changed. In 2012, I demanded a paper ballot in Maryland. They told me it was against the law.” Here we are eight years later and the problem has grown far worse. The central challenge by the Trump campaign concerns these voter machines. Psalm 101:7 says, “He that works deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that tells lies shall not tarry in my sight.” It’s time to say “Not in my house.” Perhaps we have people fed up with this system enough that something will be done about it.

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Bill Wilson