At the risk of getting censored, it’s a pretty sad testament to a free and open platform to rage against influencing the election, and then influence the election through censorship. In fact, how do platforms like Facebook and Twitter sell their openness as the main factor of participation, and then set up “committees” to enforce censorship rules based on what the committees see as free speech? It’s in the fine print. In fact, when you sign up for an account on these so-called open platforms, you are signing an agreement that allows them to harvest your data, target your preferences AND censor your posts if they don’t agree with you. These are not open platforms, they are marketing platforms.

In the last election cycle, Facebook and Twitter were used by Russia and China and who knows who else to influence the election. In an effort to not be tarnished by their leftist leanings, they put in place a whole bunch of rules and policies to prevent someone from claiming their platforms were being used to influence elections. But notwithstanding, they are dishonest on how they enforce those policies. They are censoring news and opinions that are counter to their leftist, globalist leanings. Radical leftists can say about anything against a conservative, including insults and threats. Yet, conservatives, even just giving facts that go against the leftist narrative, are often censored. We see it all the time.

In May 2016, The Daily Jot Reported: Facebook’s “trending topics” section is being exposed as a propaganda arm of the socialist left by Gawker Media’s online blog Gizmodo. Reporter Michael Nunez writes that Facebook employees, known as “news curators,” said they were instructed to “inject” leftist leaning stories into the trending topics even if they were not trending at all. They also suppressed conservative-leaning stories, even if they were trending as popular. In other words, the entire claim of free speech on Facebook is deceptively applied toward a brand of socialistic propaganda, promoting anarchists views such as Black Lives Matter and censuring conservative high-trenders, “having a chilling effect on conservative news.” Facebook denied the allegation.

This week, another glaring example popped up. Citing its policy on “Helping to Protect the 2020 Election,” Facebook’s policy communications director Andy Stone put the throttle on the blockbuster story that Joe Biden met with his son’s business partner from Ukraine when he was Vice President. The story is part of an influence peddling, self-enrichment, abuse of power saga where Biden is caught in a lie. Facebook decided to censor it until it can be “fact-checked.” In doing so, Facebook boldly protected Biden rather than the 2020 election. In the name of protecting the election, Facebook blatantly tried to influence the election.

Twitter did the same thing. The New York Post which broke the Biden story could not post it on Twitter. In locking down the Post’s account, Twitter showed a window saying, “Tweet not sent Your Tweet couldn’t be sent because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Visit our Help Center to learn more.” Herein is what happens when a leftist organization tries to pose as impartial and gets caught. Trying to protect the 2020 election, HOGWASH! This is just one example of how people are manipulated by big tech globalists toward their own views. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, “Take heed that no man deceive you.” That’s a pretty tall order in today’s world.

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Bill Wilson