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There is no doubt about it, as a prophetic people, we live in a prophetic time. We are seeing types and shadows of Isaiah 59:14 playing out before our very eyes: “Justice is turned back, And righteousness stands afar off; For truth is fallen in the street, And equity cannot enter.” Justice is turned back as the nation deals with lawlessness and the crazy, wild-eyed liberal concept of abolishing law enforcement. Righteousness stands afar off as evil is called good and good evil. People are hesitant to even say how they feel about issues for fear of being ostracized. Truth is fallen in the street as we have no idea what truth is with all the information and counter information reported. And equity cannot enter due to the barriers to truth.

One of the barriers to truth is the Post Truth Media. Seriously, hardly a story would have passed the editorial desks of organizations that I worked for in the 1970s, and it was all starting then. Story after story that have no attribution. “Sources with knowledge of the situation,” “Unnamed sources familiar with the issue,” “Anonymous sources who wish to remain unidentified,” “One source speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe the internal reaction,” “A source familiar with the president’s health,” “A White House Official,” and more. Many of these stories do not even attempt to name a source, but the writers think they are creating a story just by quoting “an aide” or “an official.”

This is the Post Truth Media. It is beyond fake news. It is reporters copping a byline by writing the narrative they want people to hear, attributing it to unnamed sources, and then getting experts to comment on the on the record about what the unnamed sources are postulating. Case in point is a story posted on Politico about President Trump’s health. It gives what the President’s doctor said. Then it casts doubt on Dr. Sean Conley by saying that other unnamed White House officials close to the president contradict Conley’s assessment, causing a “baffling back and forth,” confusion and criticism. Then the story went on to quote “experts” on the record commenting on the confusion and criticism, or leveling the criticism.

When I was doing investigative reporting, there were rare occasions when a quote from an anonymous source was necessary. My personal rule was and still is that two sources independent of one another had to confirm what was being discussed, and even then, the goal was to get at least one of them on the record or the story was a “no go.” The Post Truth Media could care less about the truth or the facts. They care most about the narrative they create. Media Research Center  studies indicate journalists, “voting habits are disproportionately Democratic, their views on issues such as abortion and gay rights are well to the left of most Americans and they are less likely to attend church or synagogue.” And that’s the Post Truth Media—a leftist, godless agenda normalizing leftist thought, attacking any dissent. Truth fallen in the streets.

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Bill Wilson